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07-22-02 00:33
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Can anybee advise if swips catylst can be used as a substitute for Pd on carbon.(In Hydrogenation)
Swip has a OTC catylst that is described as follows:
A thin layer of Platinum,Palladium, and Rhodium has been coated to the surface of a ceramic substrate molded into a honeycomb matrix. The manufacturer wasn't more specific.This is everywhere that bee's are
and may be a solution to pdCl accessability.
Swip has not tried the substrate with the  other needed chems to see if it held up under acidic conditions.
The manufacturer also states that O2 absorbtion is enhanced.(They don't mention H2)

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07-22-02 07:50
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Never tried using a catalytic converter before...Read some where (UTFSE : catalytic converter) that they dont work...Then again, SWIM could be talking out of SWIMs ass.

But the answer you seek lies with-in the hallow walls of THSE

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