ClearLight (Hive Bee)
07-22-02 18:26
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      question about methyl orange  Bookmark   

  I have this nice liter of methyl orange, and wanted to know if I use it as a titration indicator  for creating the hydrochloride, will it leave a residue that will screw up the final product... or do I need to remove it somehow...

  I saw that sunlight used it in one synth, and was curious about the correct procedure (not the titration but the processing)... tfse did not indicate anything Me-Orange..

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07-22-02 21:02
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      i think chromic has some experience with it  Bookmark   

i think chromic has some experience with it
(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
07-22-02 22:46
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      Yeah works great!  Bookmark   

Yeah, I've written about methyl orange in a few posts. It's a great titration end-point indicator. What I do is put a couple drops onto paper towel, then take a sample of the aqueous layer I'm examining (after it settles from mag stirring), and drop a bit of the aqueous onto the spot on the paper towel. If it goes red, then I've added enough acid to extract all of the amine from the non-polar...

This idea works well with other indicators too. (inc the ones made from red cabbage, etc)
(Hive Bee)
07-22-02 23:40
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      Thanks!  Bookmark   

Ah, an excellent method... I did read all your posts on cabbage and paper towels... very good btw... I didn't think to extrapolate it to sample spotting, but of course...


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