Tezcatlipoca (Stranger)
07-23-02 18:53
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      Al/Hg redn. of 2,5-DMP2P w/NH3  Bookmark   

I realise it would be low, but what kind of yield could bee expected from Al/Hg redn. a la Osmium (../rhodium/chemistry /alhg.osmium.html) of 2,5-dimethoxyphenylacetone using aqueous ammonia?

Thanks in Advance,
(Hive Addict)
07-23-02 20:00
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The problem with these reactions is that the amphetamine product is a primary amine which will then react with more of the ketone.  For best results with an Otc approach would be to make the Oxime with hydroxlamine then reduce with Al/Hg in AA/EtOH yeilds warry with the ring substitution pattern.  How did you make the ketone??????  If you do attempt the reduction in Ammonia I would suggest Using Alcohol gassed to saturation with NH3.  The higher the concentration of amine the lower the yeild loss due to amphetamine reacting with ketone.  Good luck. hydroxlamine can be made from NitroMethane and HCL(UTFSE)
07-23-02 20:27
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Thanks V_L. If Tezcatlipoca were actually doing this rxn, he would probably use the Leuckart (if he went via the P2P at all). I just wondered what the probable yields for this rxn would bee for research purposes. 25DMP2P was made by Fe/HCl redn. of 25DMP2NP.

(Chief Bee)
07-23-02 21:16
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      Writeup please  Bookmark   

Tez: Could you give us full reaction details of your preparation of 2,5-dimethoxyphenyl-2-nitropropene and 2,5-dimethoxyphenyl-2-propanone, please, with amounts, boiling points, yields and all?
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07-23-02 22:53
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      do the oxime  Bookmark   

Make the oxime.  Antibody reported good yeilds with most oximes
(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
07-23-02 22:57
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3,4,5-tmp2p formed the oxime in OK yields for me... and seemed to reduce alright. I'd expect 2,5-dmp2p to go alright as well..

It will certainly go better than the Al/Hg with NH3.
(Pioneer Researcher)
07-24-02 15:03
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      CTH  Bookmark   

If you have the ketone, ammonium formate and Pd/C you can get good yields with the CTH reductive amination. See in the Novel Discourse.
07-26-02 20:33
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Thanks all :D

Rh: Will post full writeup when synth is complete. Yield of nitropropene and p2p were both ~75%.

- Tezcatlipoca -