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07-25-02 05:48
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After venting my initial frustration and anger due to purchasing a Robinair Thermistor Vacuum Gauge with a busted tube, i came accross the following page:

I don't believe this has been posted before, and i belive this is something most bees can take advantage of.  This design and a cheap multimeter will give you a working digital vacuum gauge at a very low cost.

The cheapest new digital vacuum gauge I found was $139 USD.  Second hand ones can be bought for about $50 USD at auction sites, but like mine, could be busted.  There is no one in this country that i can find, who assembles these things locally and a reasonable price.

By the way, if someone has found a source for a cheap digital vacuum gauges in Australia, i wouldn't mind a PM.

Take care all!

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07-25-02 09:13
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  very nice, cheap digital vacuumn gauges can now be had for $149.00 which, considering the parts and the time, is a real bargin... this one has 8 different scales built into it...

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07-25-02 10:35
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auto map sensors measure vacuum very well and use regulated dc current.They have a very linear output and are very accurate as well. swip has a write up on how to attach one to your DVOM to get the digital readout.when swip recovers fully from his solvent exposure he will look for it and post.MAP stands for Manifold Absolute Pressure for those bee's needing to know.basically it is a strain guage.smile

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07-26-02 19:36
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Thermistor vacuum gauges will lie horribly if warmed by an external heat source, so please ensure that this do not happen when you use one.