platcat (Newbee)
07-25-02 10:17
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      external temp probe(lazer)  Bookmark   

Does anybee have knowledge of accuracy or inaccuracy of those point and shoot temp probes?? On glassware/rxn,s/? they are cheap and swip uses a variety at work to measure temps and operation of working catalysts scrubbing waste gass,s.Do they work thru the glass?On the job I am measuring the temp of the containment piping to deduce operation vs inoperation.Swip has not acquired one yet for hobby use.laugh

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07-25-02 10:25
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      I have one of these multimeters with ext.  Bookmark   

I have one of these multimeters with ext. temp probe and it's pretty accurate.Like when water boils it shows 99-100.

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07-25-02 12:14
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      Should work  Bookmark   

The cheapest IR thermometer I've seen costs about $100. 
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07-25-02 19:29
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      they're fairly accurate  Bookmark   

They'll take accurate readings within a couple degrees Kelvin of an oil bath from 3-4 meters away.  Taking a temperature reading on the outside of a glass is somewhat inaccurate at elevated temperatures, with the error being directly proportional to the temperature difference between the glass and the outside air.

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