Dr_Heckyll (Hive Bee)
07-25-02 08:53
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As I said in an other thread I went out yesterday to check the local availability of ergot. I took some pictures which can be viewed at the URL below. It took about 15 minutes each to collect these two bunches, and they were selected for their good looks.

[link removed]

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07-25-02 16:52
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Those are beautiful!laugh I especially like the elephant trunk.

The above post is purely fictional. Any resemblance to "real-life" is purely coincidental.
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07-25-02 19:37
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I like how your "bouquet" is arranged in a 3 neck flask.  Classy.cool

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07-26-02 00:47
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  I understand they require some moisture/humidity to occur... could you offer as much of the approximate geographical locale as your are comfortable with?  midwest, coasts, northern climes, south belt, texaslaugh(everything ends up there!), desert etc...

  would like to know before I start looking...

nice pix's

  Was the weather a factor

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07-26-02 13:45
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      Southern California and all over the world.  Bookmark   

I have seen grasses on the side of the road in Southern California, 5-10 miles from ocean, with seed-heads infected with ergot like fungus.
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07-26-02 23:49
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In my mycology class as university as few years ago my professor passed around a jar of ergot sclerotia and spoke about how munching on these things could be fun but tended to make you want to jump off roofs (personal experience I suppose).  He also than warned us (jokingly) that he had counted all the sclerotia in the jar beforehand so don't bother trying to take any!smilelaugh
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07-27-02 08:27
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Did his name happen to be Prof. Pickard? laugh

Hey, just hit me, do you think that was William Leonard Pickard's real name?  It sounds Star Trek related - WILLIAM Shatner, LEONARD Nemroy, Jean Luc PICKARD?  Or is it just coincidence?  (Damn, I'll bet I sound like a trekky to everyone now, which I'm not, StarTrek sucked in my opinion, but that's just my opinion so don't any true trekkies get upset, crack the server, obtain my IP, "trek" me down and kill me or worse, force me to watch StarTrek episodes or something.)  ???  At this point it had to be a coincidence.  Wonder if some kingpin will bust him out?  Not likely - just dreaming.  He doesn't seem criminal enough, even for possibly the biggest clandestine LSD chemist the world has ever known.  Damn good runner apparently too, damned redneck that turned him in deserves to be permafried on a HIGH dose of concentrated L.  Stupid asshole.  
09-08-02 20:50
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