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07-25-02 19:27
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Mercuric Iodide OTC Synth - Hellman 2002
Reducing fear with logic, via wisdom,-
An extremely easy Hgi2 synth starting from Iodine Crystal, and if you cannot get this, which will probably be the case, you  can start with tincture-
When starting from tincture we want to obtain relativly pure I2, we don't just want to throw the mercury into the tincture, which also contains KI, so what we do is follow one of the many well written ticnture to crystal faqs out there, As there are many types of different percentage mixes,( I will not list those methods here ), You will find these tincture conversion recipes scattered throughout the hive, and rhodiums site, which is where i should be,.-smile
Anyway my tip from experience is to use the h202/Hcl method, I have tried it many times, and it works a treat,.This will leave you with a nice gob of greyish crystalline Iodine, relativly free from KI

Aquisition details:
But any mercury based thermometer, from you local pharmacy, supermarket,.


Break open thermometer into any suitable non porous cermanic plate,bowl,.
Simply introduce (oh hello there!!) iodine crystal in small amounts to elemental mercury,.
As doing this you will see the reaction happen and the mercury quickly changes into one of the most beautiful scarlet sands that you will see,.
Add excess iodine to ensure a complete conversion, stir, and let evapourate(the excess iodine off) in dark warm room for an hour or so,  or untill all that is left is a beautiful  extremely fine red sand,.

Cap and enjoy!

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07-25-02 20:17
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Neat idea. I'd love to see some pictures of that too! =) I bet another great idea would be to dissolve the I2 into a solvent, then mix the solvent and mercury together.
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07-25-02 21:39
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The first mention that I saw of this was by Vibrating_Lights nearly 6 months ago.
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07-25-02 21:50
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It would be kinda neat huh?
I am sure, but i cannot provide these, I am sorry,.
It is the most inspiring colour of red that you will see, It grain size is just sooooo fine, it's almost like a powder, and it is soo cheap,
maybee another kind bee can provide photos,.

IQ is the rate of logic, as Wisdom increases logic, fear & compromise decrease to reveal objectivity
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07-28-02 00:32
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Don't even evap it just put the Hg in to a bottle of pharmacy tincture and use it right from the bottle.  If you use a huge excess of Hg then it can be reacy in ten minutes.  then you can just pour the liquid into the al/MeOh leaving the excess behind.  If you use a clear container you can tell when it is ready when it is a phospherascent green color.  The colors go Black->Burgandy->yellow->green___________________
1 1oz 2% bottle willamalgamate a whole shitload of al.  On top of that it don't cost shit....