scram (Stranger)
07-27-02 02:09
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Swim hasn't cooked for the last 13 months. However, he recently went back to some old al/hg dried sediment that was left over in a plastic jug for the past 13 months. He noticed it had a smell of mdma, although he thought from what the hive always stated that mdma freebase should break down after 1 week or so at room temperature. Well, this stuff had been sitting in a garage in 90+ F temps for a period of at least 4 months over that time. The sediment is believed to be before the acidification of the freebase since there was nothing but grey dust (about 15 grams worth). Swim would never directly acidify something with sludge still in it. So swim diluted the ashes into a basic water solution and cleaned it up w/toluene to see if the smell was worth anything. After washing 5 times he ended up getting ~300mg of product tested on 2 people to be strong as 150mg caps should be. Now why, after 1 year of sitting in such extreme conditions was this stuff still alive? I'm thinking that the solution the al dust was once in could have been the 'junk' bottle full of bases and the final acid wash remnants possibly making the solution acidic the whole year as it evaporated leaving a more stable hcl. But as far as he remembers 1 year ago he only had a basic freebase sludge byproduct in this container leaving oil which should have been unstable.
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07-28-02 09:28
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If it was all dried out and exposed to the air perhaps the 300 mgs was converted to the carbonate salt via atmospheric CO2.  There was probably more in there before.  That is why it smelled like MDMA.  Did the stuff still smell after it was extracted. evap the Np also i bet there is all sorts of stuff that didn't get xtracted originaly that will still smell right.