Phemios (Stranger)
07-26-02 17:22
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      Which size kit should I get?  Bookmark   

? 14/10, 14/20, 19/22, 24/40 ?

I'm looking to purhcase my first set of glassware and am not sure which size to get. I'm not looking to produce honney in bulk, just private experimenting. So, which size is for me, 19/22?

Details about kit:

Product Name:   QMN-2 19/22 Std. Jt. Organic Kit 
Description:   Supplied complete with polyethylene case and foam insert. Kit includes: Adapter, Thermometer (QA-51-2); Adapter, Claisen (QA-6-2); Adapter, Connecting (QA-10-2); Adapter, Vacuum (QA-63-2); Condenser, West, 200mm (QC-25-4); Distilling Column, 200mm (QD-2-4); Flask, R.B. 25ml (QF-1-8); Flask, R.B. 50ml (QF-1-10); Flask, R.B. 100ml (QF-1-14); Flask, R.B. 250ml (QF-1-19); Flask, R.B. 500ml (QF-1-23); Funnel, Separatory, 125ml (QFN-20-20); Stopper, Glass (QST-2-5); Tube, Bleed (QMN-96-1). 

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07-26-02 17:37
No 337522
      19/22 or 24/40  Bookmark   

I'd say 24/40 its more common, but either of those two are fine. smile
(Old P2P Cook)
07-26-02 18:49
No 337534
      24/40.  Bookmark   

24/40 is most common, 14/20 is for small scale work, 19/22 is widely held in contempt.
(Hive Bee)
07-26-02 19:30
No 337542
      24/40  Bookmark   

Go with the 24/40. I like the room to work with, without being to tight, but still not too wide. It has a wider usage range than the 14/20 volume wise. Being a chem junky, I'm trying to aquire as much glassware as i can. I started with 24/40 and am working on a smaller scale 14/20 set up now. I agree with max on those kits, most are overpriced and crappy.

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07-26-02 19:44
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      build your own kit  Bookmark   

You can order good glass a lot cheaper individually.  Then just stitch you up some bags to carry it in and buy some good ammo crates to package it in.  It will hold up a lot better than those cheap plastic suitcases and eggcrate foam will, as they're waterproof and fireproof.

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07-26-02 20:16
No 337553
      Go with the 24/40 and piece it together yourself.  Bookmark   

Go with the 24/40 and piece it together yourself. It's a lot cheaper. Check some auctions sites. Swim put a set together for less than 100 bucks. 19/22 joints SUCK. This is what swim got for his first set. It's hard getting the right stirbar to fit into those little joints.

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07-26-02 20:18
No 337555
      SWIM purchased 19/22 jointware some years ago as ...  Bookmark   

SWIM purchased 19/22 jointware some years ago as a "kit" from a popular manufacturer.  The quality in this particular kit was of the same level as seperates - quite good, but it would have been quite expensive without a discount.

However, 19/22 size is very difficult to aquire where SWIM lives while 24/40 size items are stocked by any lab supply house.  Food for thought.
(Hive Bee)
07-27-02 03:40
No 337686
      RE: build your own kit  Bookmark   

I'll second that.

Building your own kit is an excellent idea.

Just sit down and think about the volumes of the reactions/distillations you're planning to run before you buy any flasks. You'll probably never need a 25ml or 50ml flask. Think about what you need before you buy items you'll never use.
(Old Bee)
07-29-02 14:59
No 338665
      Don't overlook expanding foam in cans  Bookmark   

And I found nice containers and some foam at hobby lobby and am in the process of cutting the foam to make my own kits.

Don't overlook expanding foam insullation as a customizable kit storage material. It comes in spray cans and is available up to 4X expansion. Wrap your glass piece in plastic wrap or wax paper, spray the foam around the lower portion (as it will lay in it's container/suitcase) and you have perfectly fitted depressions for each piece.

Larger areas can be filled with ordinary packing material prior to spraying in order to reduce the number of spray cans required.

I have found the $4.00 + US cans on sale for $1.00 US at inventory reduction time.

You can fit a lot of glass in an ordinary suitcase. Very secure if done right.


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(Hive Bee)
07-29-02 20:32
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      Heh!  Bookmark   

Thats what SWIM was thinking. He has more glassware than he can shake a stick at, about 3 footlockers worth. His prize piece being a 5L sep funnel. He also has adaptors to fit anything from 19/22 up to like 34/50 or something like that. Huge friggin adaptor. The majority of his pieces are 24/40. He has an impressive collection, he'll take some pics for you after he moves and gets his stuff out of storage. 24/40 really seems to be the best all around solution if you can be picky.


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07-30-02 04:03
No 338924
      I store all my glass in cardboard boxes.  Bookmark   

I store all my glass in cardboard boxes. Not neatly stacked or wrapped in paper either, it's all a big mess. But that doesn't matter, unless you have very delicate, long and thin equipment it will not break.

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(Distinctive Doe)
08-02-02 20:52
No 340431
      Os  Bookmark   

Don't ya know that looks terrible when the cops come visit.
Best to have everything clean and labeled.

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08-02-02 21:23
No 340450
      Osimium, swim's shit is the same way.  Bookmark   

Osimium, swim's shit is the same way. Got a room 8x10 that's swim's lab. Boxes of glassware everywhere, chems trash, you name it. I've been meaning to clean it , maybe one day.crazy

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(Hive Bee)
08-02-02 22:23
No 340468
      scratches?  Bookmark   

 What about scratches on the rb flasks used under vaccum?  Don't you take precautions against that?

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(Chief Bee)
08-02-02 22:35
No 340473
      I've stored my stuff Osmium-style for over five ...  Bookmark   

I've stored my stuff Osmium-style for over five years and never had a flask implode on me.
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 04:12
No 341041
      Damn  Bookmark   

I thought I was ghetto. I guess we're all keeping it real here.

I set my flasks in different sized tupperware/plastic bowls. I put the rest in a cabinet.
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08-04-02 05:49
No 341085
      You guys don't want to know how I store my chems!  Bookmark   

You guys don't want to know how I store my chems! tongue Na, Li, 30% oleum and CHCl3 in the same cardboard box; metal powders, oxidisers and some old nitrate esters in the box right underneath, all kinds of nasty solvents right next to it. And recently I rediscovered some organic isocyanates, NaCN and POCl3 under my bed!

Seriously, don't become a pack rat like me. It sucks (even though it's cool to discover chems I didn't knew I owned).

Just kidding (well, sorta...) crazy

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(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 07:26
No 341113
      Found random bag  Bookmark   

When I travle from one part of the country to another, I ussually have left a box/chest/big tupperware container worth of chemicals, equipment, ect.  Sometimes if I have been away from a certain area for along time then I forget what I have recently I found.
1. A bag of white mysterius powder
(Sodium Valporate)
2. A bunch of filled capsules with brown powder inside
(5meo-amt with agar, agar as filler.
3. A bag that was completely yellow and crystalled over on the inside.
(No idea)

The things we forget,

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08-04-02 21:31
No 341464
      Sodium Valproate  Bookmark   

What on earth was that bag of sodium valproate for? Feeding to manic-depressive tweakers who have been up to long?!?

(Hive Bee)
08-14-02 16:47
No 345475
      45/50  Bookmark   

do they make 45/50 condensors?

I have been lookin, but haven't found one yet.

In a situation where you have heavy reflux in a large vessel, a 24/40 condensor would eventually get flooded correct? If the condensor was wide enough, such as a 45/50 joint, I can't see the condensor flooding.

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08-14-02 17:59
No 345501
      Swims favorite glass supplier has two styles of ...  Bookmark   

Swims favorite glass supplier has two styles of condensors that they have a 45/50 joint for, although Swim believes he could special order any style with that joint size.

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(Hive Bee)
08-14-02 18:00
No 345502
      Large columns  Bookmark   

Really large columns are usually flanged instead of tapered stopper.  They do make some in 45/50 but they are only offered by a few companies, special order, and there is paperwork.  Curiously the paperwork is not the DEA it is the BATF.

Edit: Damn it someone else always has better sources tongue