SaintCyril (Hive Bee)
07-27-02 23:48
No 337989
      Microcrystalline cellulose and humidity  Bookmark   

In some places SWIM has had great difficulty trying to keep the Microcrystalline cellulose in his binder mixture from absorbing too much humidity.  SWIM hasepurchased a bag of damp rid and a dehumidifer for the room the binders and actives are stored in, but I think that it is durning the mixing process that the moisture must be absorbed from the air or something.  To solve that problem SWIM throws the whole mix, active, binder, and the like into a 5 gallon pail with a ound of Dry-Rite wrapped in screen, and made into a ball, that seems to dry it out and allow it to flow thru the presses much better. 

The problem when the MCC absorbs the moisture is that it won't flow through the feeder shoe on the machines properly, and then Swim ends up with half tablets, and sometimes a running machine with nothing coming out.  It sucks to leave a machine for 3 hours and thing you will have 20,000 tablets when you come back and you end up with like only a few thousand, a bunch of half tablets and another three hours to wait for them to press again, all because there is too much humidity in the mix, and it won't flow properly. 

Swim is planning to upgrade one of his single punch machines to a 19 station rotary press machine soon, and I can't even imagine the headaches associated with trying to get too sticky/wet of a mixture out of a stuck up machine.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Addict)
07-28-02 01:19
No 338011
      Re: Swim is planning to upgrade ONE of his single ...  Bookmark   

[quote]Swim is planning to upgrade ONE of his single punch machines to a 19 station rotary press machine soon[quote]
Are you running a fu..... factory ???
(Old P2P Cook)
07-28-02 12:08
No 338115
      Fantasy  Bookmark   

I think he is just running his mouth and his overactive imagination.
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 12:49
No 338129
      You know what man you are  Bookmark   

You know what man you are really starting to piss me off.  I am not running my mouth or my overactive imagineation.  I am looking for serious advice, and giving the inforfmation that is made for it.  For your information i got a damn good deal on a 19 station press.  An I am using it. You are pretty nieve toi think you can judge someone like that.  I think you are full of bullshit if you think you can say that sort fo thing about me.  And yes for your information it is a factory setup.  So Terbium shut the fuck up because you have NO idea what you are talking about WHATSOEVER.  You don't know who I am, and you don't know how much money I have, how are you going to judge me any more then I am going to say everything you say is complete shit, and untrue.   I think you need o seriously rethink who you are going to say has an overactive imagination.  You need to look in the mirror not into the threads.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 13:52
No 338158
      Okay you tell me what you think  Bookmark   

Swim purchased this for $8,000 and thought it was a damn good deal.

Specification for model ZP-19
 Punches and Dies  19 sets
 Max. Pressure  40 KN
 Max. Diameter of Tablet  12 mm
 Max. Depth of Filling  15 mm
 Max. Thickness of Tablet  6 mm
 Turret Speed  20 - 40 rpm
 Capacity  25,000 - 45,000 pieces/hr
 Motor  2.2kw  960rpm  220V/380V  50/60Hz
 Dimension  880 x 750 x 1600
 Net Weight  560 kg

Anyhow Swim doesn't know what you do with the money made from tabletting, ut for Swim $8000 for this machine was no thing. 


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Title on BackOrder)
07-28-02 14:37
No 338170
      here's some serious advice  Bookmark   

If you're going to fuck people over selling fake pills, then don't get advice from here.  We don't want bullshit like that hanging over our heads.  If you want to press 5-MeO-DIPT into pills and pass it off as MDMA then we can't stop you, but don't expect us to give you advice either.  That shit ain't right, and you're giving the market a bad name. 

Hopefully you'll make a deal with someone respectable enough to shoot you behind the ear for selling fake pills.

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 14:54
No 338179
      What are you talking about  Bookmark   

I have never said anything about passing pills off as fake.  You ever heard of pressing them and seling them as what they are.  It took me almost 5 years to develop a market of ppl who wanted to buy them for what they were in mass quantity.  Where do you get off assuming that just because the only reason that you can think of to press 5me-dipt, TFMPP, or BZP into pills is to sell them as fake.  I thiknk you need to go back and read whatever thread it is that you are reffering to and then discover that I do not counterfit.  I think that there should be no problem with tabletting a drug for distribution when everone knows what it is.  So are you going to go on to say that if I were to press a bunch of LSD tablets and sell them as LSD tablets that you would have a problem with that just beause they are in tablet form.  You have some real examination of yourt logic to do.  Who exactly are you reffering to when you say "we won't provide iformation."  I diodn't know there was some hive collective that got together and made these sorts of decisisons.  I believe tha every contributing member of this place makes thier own decisions on wha to help ppl out with.  I realy don't see what your point is when you said that.  Perhaps you will not help out, but almost everyone else has been bvery helpful.  I think maybe you are including yourself into a group of ppl to wich you do not belong.  You are not a repersentative to speak on behalf of others any more then I am, so reread and discover that counterfiting drugs is one of the things that I hate most, and that is why I hav taken the time to develop a national market for these sorts of things, just because you are underhanded and can't understand that perhaps ppl might want to synth, tablet, distribute, sell, and take 5-meo-dipt for what it is, doesn't mean that no one else is that prejudmental.  You are the worst of the wopst.  Putting words in my mouth I never had.  Trying to tell me what my intentions are. Then you go on to act like you are somehow more apart of some group, which apparently you make the decisions for then I am.  You are the one who should not be recieving help, because it is ppl like you who mislead and misguide ppl into forming adverse and uninformed decisions.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 14:59
No 338180
      You give the hive a bad name  Bookmark   

People like you are the ones that give the market a bad name, uninformed, misguided vigillanti's that wish they had a clue what was going on.  You have no idea what you are talking about and moreover, should learn that when you are commenting on something that at least your facts should be strait.  In the real world when I meet someone like you who doesn't listen, and then goes on to form opinions they have drawn from nowhere, and then presents them as if they are fact are the worst and most unintelligent group I could encounter.  I just pass them off as the same old idiots that made me not want to work at a real job in a company, because you only see one thing the inside of the dark box you exists in.  Look outside of the box and you will see me and the rest of the hive.  Your type deserves to remain in the box forever.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Addict)
07-28-02 15:08
No 338186
      >It took me almost 5 years to develop a market ...  Bookmark   

>It took me almost 5 years to develop a market
>of ppl who wanted to buy them for what they
>were in mass quantity.

Gee. 5 years. You would almost believe that people don't want to do drugs.

(Title on BackOrder)
07-28-02 15:16
No 338192
      must have hit a nerve  Bookmark   

So, you don't even want to admit to yourself that you're selling fake pills?  Don't try to fucking tell me that you sell singles and inform all your customers that it's not MDMA and in reality not all that pleasant of an experience.  If you actually are selling pills and not just full of shit as terbium and others so intelligently concluded, don't you think the guys buying thousand stacks off of you aren't just selling them one step farther down the line as X?  Are you really obtuse enough to believe that there really is a market for that many pills of 5-MeO-DIPT? 

It's people like me that realize there is more to this game than just a fat wallet.  You have to look out for the end consumer, or you might want to look out for gun toting former businness associates you're ripping off.  You might want to crawl back into that box you came out of before you end up in another one made from pine.

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
(Title on BackOrder)
07-28-02 15:24
No 338194
      5-MeO-DIPT sold as MDMA  Bookmark

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 15:35
No 338200
      Pull up the TFMPP ones and the BZP ones too  Bookmark   

Pull up the pics of the TFMPP ones and the BZP ones too, I love dancesafe it lets you track where your product goes and how it gets distributed so well.  I wish there was a dancesafe for speed.  Once we dyed all the speed lavender and pusged it al out to see how it was distributed, but there was no internet database of it.  These pills were not necessarfily sold as MDMA, they were just sent into dancesafe for identification.  YOu can only assume they were sold as MDMA.  Also why is it the manufacturers responsibility to ensure that the distributors and the dealers are going to be telling the people exacly what in them.  This is the balck market, and I make every effort possible to educate my cstomers on these research chems, and I make every effort to tell them what they are.  I do not sell them for MDMA prices, and and I always inform the buyer why the price is what it is and what it is.  I have found that if you take the time to meet the right distributors and explain things to them they are cool with it, hence no reason to worry about that puine box.  Assumption is easy, reality is hard. Why do some of you ppl think that some of these compounds should not be pressed into pills the answere is simple because E is pressed into pills.  So what if I made them in little #5 gel caps that had 5me-dipt printed on the side would that make it better.  Would it make it better if the tablets had 5me-dipt written on the front, or what.  Again I go to my LSD example.  If I were planning on pressing a bunch of LSD tablets and selling hem to distributors as LSD tablets would there be a problem wtith that.  Well I can see what your problem with it would be.  An LSD tablet goes for a lot lower price in bulk then an MDMA tablet doe sin bulk.  $1/dsg unit for LSD and $5/dsg unit for MDMA so The I guess some of these distributors probably would sell the LSD tablets as MDMA to make the extra profit.  What would you suggest a moral bee would not press LSD into tablets because of this chance, or would you say that it's okay because it's LSD and not another chemical that the people want?


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Official Hive Approximator)
07-28-02 15:49
No 338206
      my problem with this..  Bookmark   

my problem with this is that the discussion has nothing
to do with "established methods of drug synthesis".

and btw:  "No discussion of ongoing or planned criminal activity".

official gene trash
(Hive Addict)
07-28-02 15:55
No 338209
      Yeah, but 5-meo-dipt isn't schedule I.  Bookmark   

Yeah, but 5-meo-dipt isn't schedule I. However, I doubt that the jury would care much about that fact if mr. cyril was brought to court.

(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 15:55
No 338210
      Yeah I would  Bookmark   

I agree it is off topic, and I would still like a solution to the humidity problem, anyone have one of those. . . .

We are the people that your parents warned you about.
07-28-02 16:20
No 338229
      This thread probably belongs in general discourse ...  Bookmark   

This thread probably belongs in general discourse with the rest of the pharmacology.

Other bees who UTFSE and come across this thread were possibly looking for an answer to the original question of this thread and may not have been looking for a pie fight about who knows what is put in to what and sold as what. By answering a bees question in any thread you are not only helping the bee who posted the question but also bees who may have the same question in the future, right?

Anywyas back on thread topic: SW has this problem sometimes and finds that magnesium stearate can help. He also suggests maybe trying a vaac oven or centrifuge to dry after mixing.
(Chief Bee)
07-28-02 17:10
No 338255
      Pill ID and dosage  Bookmark   

Would it make it better if the tablets had 5me-dipt written on the front, or what.

That was one of the best ideas I have read to date. On the front - put whatever logo or design you wish, and on the back stamp [5-MeO-DIPT] [10mg] (or whatever the content is). I would hold any large-scale manufacturer who did that MUCH higher in regard than the others who just sell pills that could be represented at the dealer level as whatever would be most profitable to him at the time.
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 17:23
No 338262
      Keep your eye on dancesafe  Bookmark   

Keep your eyes on dance safe, and since die sets only cost $250 each with custom tooling, wouldn't doubt I can convince the higher ups to do it.

Speaking of printing the names on the products, once we got the idea to try to put 5meo-amt into blotter paper, only 6 hits per sheet, and we had printed on everyone of the 5-MeO-AMT 3mg Dsg Unit, then we saw some on the news in wisconsin the next week.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Chief Bee)
07-28-02 18:09
No 338272
      Wonderful! If this became common practice, then ...  Bookmark   

Wonderful! If this became common practice, then we would have a lot less negative reactions in clubs/raves etc, as the users would have a much better chance of knowing what they are taking.
(Title on BackOrder)
07-28-02 19:29
No 338289
      that's where his story falls apart  Bookmark   

He couldn't stamp 5-MeO-DIPT onto his pills because then they wouldn't sell.  I wish everyone that pressed would print the compound abbreviation on one side with a split line, and put the active weight on the other side.  I would definetely do this if I were cooking and pressing.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't want to do both, and most people that press buy bulk powder instead of manufacturing.

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
07-28-02 20:38
No 338314
      SAintcyril, what synth are you using to make ...  Bookmark   

SAintcyril, what synth are you using to make enough mdma to press 20000-30000 pills an hour. That's an awful lot of powder.

I went into the business for the money, and the art grew out of it.-Charlie Chaplin

(Title on BackOrder)
07-28-02 21:01
No 338331
      are you blowing smokerings out your ass again?  Bookmark   

Aren't you the same one that was posting some shit about using a warehouse with a retractable ladder and a chainfed machine gun to conduct drug deals with?  I regret to inform you that drug deals usually don't happen James Bond style, and usually are masqueraded to appear to be normal legitimate business deals.

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 21:09
No 338341
      I regret to inform you  Bookmark   

Previusly poseted info deleted.

Edit: I went too far because I was mad, and I gave too much up. . . I had o delete it, sorry for all those that didn't get to read it.  Instead I will say this, think of it this way why would I wast so much time getting info on how to do mass production, if i wasn't doing it.  You need to examine that question.  Also I only say what I do, I don't need to make things up, if I did believe me the would be alot better then what I have posted here. . . .

(Title on BackOrder)
07-28-02 21:20
No 338345
      how's that?  Bookmark   

Do you drive a delivery truck for Tylenol?  I've seen big business people run things before, and they don't run their mouth about shit like you seem to enjoy doing.

So, if you're smart enough to make 600k a month, why don't you go hire a chemE to run your press and do it correctly instead of asking us how to do it?

All paths are the same: they lead nowhere
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 21:26
No 338346
      Trying to  Bookmark   

I am trying to hire ppl, but finding ppl you trust who know what they are doing is alot harder then you think. It is alot easier to find someone you trust and train them.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Old P2P Cook)
07-28-02 23:35
No 338395
      Yep, SaintCyril is bullshiting again.  Bookmark   

Aren't you the same one that was posting some shit about using a warehouse with a retractable ladder and a chainfed machine gun to conduct drug deals with?  I regret to inform you that drug deals usually don't happen James Bond style, and usually are masqueraded to appear to be normal legitimate business deals.
LOL, SaintCyril has quite an active imagination. Next he will be trying to feed us scenarios lifted from the Austin Powers movies.

So what if I was talking about this setup.  A large urban warehouse that swim rents for $1200 a month.  The Swim runs a chain ladder up to the top, and constructs a small 2 room building up there with locks, ect.  Now I lower and raise the ladder as I wish, to let customers, friends up and down.  A mounted M-60 is on the roof, on a swivel tripod, any questions.  This is cheap and easy to set up, and almost impossible for an invader to overcome.  You are in an elevated posistion, with a 3 mile range.
Post 338120 (not existing)
(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 23:48
No 338399
      It's not like  Bookmark   

It's not like I setup that warehouse with that setup, I was given it to use, and took ideas from my friend's wareouse which is very similar and modified it.

If anyone really needs to know I have better things to do then waste my time asking questions about large-scale methods of tabletting if I wasn't doing it.  It becomes obvious to anyone who has done it before by the questions I ask that indeed I am not just making it up.  I have recieved many PM's that state I have had exactly the same problem with this or that when I tried to make alot at a time, makes you think twice doesn't it.

Also can someone lock this completely off topic thread.  Thank you to the bees who actually helped me with the problem, mostly in PM. 

I think someone needs to steal terbium's Mojo

We are the people that your parents warned you about.wink
(Official Hive Approximator)
07-29-02 01:09
No 338421
      heh :)  Bookmark   

>> Would it make it better if the tablets had 5me-dipt written on the front, or what.

> That was one of the best ideas I have read to date.

oh please, rhodium. if someone starts doing this, we will soon
have lots of MDMA (150mg) pills, containing 20 mg ephedrine,
making the whole idea useless frown.

i remember someone had the idea and made pills with 130 mg
imprinted on them. at least some batches had definitively less than
the advertised 130 mg...

otoh suposedly the Miraculix/Druid 200 (200 written on the back)
did contain 200ug LSD and they were quite strong indeed.
but then some years later very weak Miraculix200 started to appear...

official gene trash
(Hive Bee)
07-29-02 01:47
No 338439
      So what only MDMA belongs in tablet  Bookmark   

So are you suggesting that the only chemical worthy of being in a tablet it MDMA because it is the most prevelant tablet?


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Official Hive Approximator)
07-29-02 02:00
No 338443
      maybe i'm arrogant,  Bookmark   

but i think that research chemicals, whose high dose effect is not
explored should not be sold at the mass market at all. you will end
up with people taking multiple pills in a row.

if they are, then they should not be able to be mistaken for MDMA.

people too uninformed to buy those chemicals for themselves should
not take possibly dangerous substances. if they are as informed as you
say, why don't they just hit the net and buy them for themselves?

official gene trash
07-29-02 03:09
No 338460
      contradictions  Bookmark   

"I thiknk you need to go back and read whatever thread it is that you are reffering to and then discover that I do not counterfit."


"11. Now take the reulting crystals and MIX it 2:5 with some methamphetamine, maybe a little MSM to make it melt better, and away we go for giant profit.   Two ounces becomes 7 Ounces, two pounds becomes 7 pounds, 20 pounds becomes 70, ect."

somewhat contradictary don't you think. Makes you question other statements when you discover things like this.....
(Hive Bee)
07-29-02 17:43
No 338710
      I am wondering from a scientific/chemistry ...  Bookmark   

I am wondering from a scientific/chemistry perspective; what causes the microcrystaline cellulose to absorb water?? Isn't cellulose cotton?

Cyril, I recall another thread of yours about TFMPP browning, and your solution was apparently ethyl cellulose. In that thread I think I hypothesized that some sort of redox reaction was occurring, this very well could have been due to the presence of water after all water can be an oxidizing or a reducing agent. In that thread I was curious about what other bees hypothesises were in regards to what caused that unwanted reaction, but no one really seemed to give a fuck and the thread went dead.
(Hive Bee)
08-02-02 20:19
No 340418
      St.Cyril, this web site is hosted overseas.  Bookmark   

St.Cyril, this web site is hosted overseas. It is not protected by any u.s. laws. The NSA has free reign to try and crack the encryption and/or locate you via your packet feed to the ISP that you use...

  You've just identified yourself to a heavily watched drug site as a Major Dealer, which justifies all sorts of resources to bust your ass, even if it is just for conspiracy...

  You may or may not know your manufacturing business, but open discussions and display of your network etc... for whatever justification/flame bait you rose to, are just about guarrenteed to start the clock ticking on overanxious DEA agents/counter terrorism folks to cyberinvestigate your ass...

  You risk not only your self, but everyone in your organization to publicly display your warz, including your superiors in your org, which given the deadly stakes you've decided to play for ( life imprisonment etc.) plus your loquaciousness here, makes you a prime candidate for someone who would roll over for a deal, rather than being standup guy.

  Since goiterjoe ping'd you quite well, and you bit,  you don't seem to have the maturity or experience to differentiate or evaluate the commentary coming to you, which makes you even more dangerous to your org in how reckless you are with your claims, representations and descriptions.

  Now, I don't participate in any "criminal enterprises" but I do understand how they work, and if you were in any that swim happens to run, you would find yourself capped real quick for being an extreme liability and a lesson to the rest of the crew as to the value of discretion.

  This is not a judgement about your line of work, but about how you rep yourself here and the degree of exposure you bring to yourself, your associates, and indirectly, to the hive....

  Contemplate this for a bit and figure out what you want to do... having a lot of money is like pouring gasoline on the fire of your ego... make some investments, plan for the future, and quit trying to flash yourself off as some sort of hi-rollin's just embarrasing when you have the caliber of people here, watching the comedy... you really don't have a clue as to what some of the elders here have done, and humility will get you a lot farther than arrogance in answering your issues...

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 14:48
No 341337
      packet interception and measuring your cock online  Bookmark   

This is a reality here buddy, so deal with it and pipe the fuck down.  People who talk like you are either cops or kids.  This is not a healthy place for drug dealers to talk shit.  Theoretical and hypothetical discourse would be much more appropriate, although you seem to lack the common sense.  The NSA's COMINT is running packet interception on virtually all major nets connecting overseas, and drug manufacture is on the list of post-9/11 priorities as legislation is allowing this project to be scaled up even further.  If you had half a brain you wouldn't be talking like that unless you knew how your connection was being routed and did some heavy under-the-table research to find a route to this server that did not cross any of the major american comint nets.  A good portion of the information you have shared with the members of this board thus far has been legally hazardous to those who would lend it credibility and indeed you should be made aware that your posts are creating a larger hazard to yourself by showing your ass to everyone here and the US authorities as well as the world.  I doubt you even know what a proxy server is.  The only rational conclusion one can come upon is that for some reason you have nothing at risk, or are extremely ignorant.

No one on this board cares if you are a drug dealer, and how big of a drug dealer you are.  We are not dealers, but scientists.  There is not and will never be any transactions for illicit substances conducted or arranged on this board.

And for your further information, the people who have respect around here are not drug dealers at all, but chemists.  This forum was not created for drug dealers. This board was established for the study of areas of organic chemistry for which resources would not otherwise be readily availiable due to legal restrictions.  If you are trying to gain respect here for whatever reason among those who will always remain nameless and faceless, i suggest you change your approach.

I suggest that you invest yourself in this study some more and produce posts more borne of scientific or theoretical curiousity, than your own desire to stroke your cock in front of everyone.  You are a bad example for newer members of this board who may read your posts.

This is the last direct response you will recieve from me to any of your threads until you post something a little more intelligent and original.  I am sure that many others will follow suit.  The answer to your specific query in this case could easily be obtained through time, effort, and research.

But of course with your multi-city drug empire and sister operations in canada and the vast network of resources that are undoubtedly at your disposal through all those phony corporations you bought at OfficeMax, I don't see why you waste your time here with us in the first place.

(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 18:38
No 341409
      Well said flip! Re: You are a bad example for ...  Bookmark   

Well said flip!

You are a bad example for newer members of this board who may read your posts.

but that sums it up best for me.Pay attention newbees!

A chicken is just an eggs way of making another egg.
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 20:13
No 341445
      I personally enjoy Cy's company, and think he is ...  Bookmark   

I personally enjoy Cy's company, and think he is a little more advanced than most, myself including. Talk of presses and other mass production activity should be done in PM's to those who hint interest in doing such. Just my 2 drops of muri.

& I'm, somethin of a phenom, 1 puff of da cron, I'm un-stopable.   
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 20:42
No 341451
      Achhemm...........  Bookmark   


I would think that this type of mass production discourse be ideally avoided on this forum even in private messages. 
(Old P2P Cook)
08-04-02 21:12
No 341459
      Yummy, young and tender.  Bookmark   

Talk of presses and other mass production activity should be done in PM's to those who hint interest in doing such.
One who would consider doing this might want to take some time to first consider what classes of people would hint of such things.
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 21:35
No 341466
      Apparently an AOL user  Bookmark   

Remember that game spot the AOL user?

I just won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SaintCyril was kind enough to send me his tracert results to this server (I assume) so I could review the safety of his connection. HAHA.  May I reinterate HAHAHAHAHAAAA.

The first net that comes up is

And ya know what?

Domain registry query for

Whois Server Version 1.3

   Domain Name: ATDN.NET
   Registrar: AMERICA ONLINE, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: DNS-01.ATDN.NET
   Name Server: DNS-02.ATDN.NET
   Updated Date: 16-nov-2001

I went further to resolve his relative latitude, longitude, etc.
I could probably get an account with microsoft terraserver and send this kid pictures of what he had for breakfast

SaintCyril's lack of common sense knows no bounds.  I can only conclude that there is very little chance he is who he says he is, and though accusations of no kind will be made here, suggest any solicitations by this user to any members relating to any type of business/employment/transaction should be reported to the moderators, as with any other member attempting such.

Anyway so I think I just won the spot the AOL-er game, what's my prize?

(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 02:12
No 341570
      Aol huh...  Bookmark   

  well, he's dead meat, he might as well have been using a hacked FBI account for what that AOL account is worth in protection...

  Cy, you better go disappear and not post anything more until you get a REAL account, cause even though you waste a lot of bandwidth with your b.s., I don't like to see anyone go to JAIL!

  You just gotta wonder... good work flip..

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
08-05-02 11:21
No 341731
      You know, there is a good chance that he's just ...  Bookmark   

You know, there is a good chance that he's just some kid lying about all this stuff; and if the government pursues him on this it will be just a waste of money and pigpower.
(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 11:39
No 341740
      Not an AOL user  Bookmark   

I have never used AOL in my life.
I use a cable modem. . .

We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 12:57
No 341777
      A good businessman knows when to cut his losses  Bookmark   

And you are obviously NOT a business man.

So if I am lying,

you wouldn't mind me publishing the tracert results huh?wink
................Maybe get rid of a few of those X's huh?wink

  I would never imagine doing this to ANY bee, but if you continually insist that this information is incorrect, and that I am lying, I can only assume that what you sent me is safe to publish.  As you can see your options are few.  I'm sure that the authorities and organizations that watch this board would LOVE to check out this b.s you post by visiting your home address.

Just so I can make this perfectly clear to you, you basically took all of the information about your service, yourself, and your location, made a nice little fucking chart of it, and sent it to a perfect stranger who was making deragatory comments about you; PM'ed under the clever title "On Proxies", I suppose to refute my statement that you did not know what one is.  In doing so you proved yourself exponentially dumber.

Although in my criticisms of members of this board in the past have tended to be completely objective, you take the cake buddy.  Any number of government agencies would already be at your door if they knew what I knew.

You are an outright dumbass

I hate to resort to any kind of name calling, but this is the truth.  Imagine, what if I were a cop huh?  Imagine the DEA busting down your door huh?  This would have already happened if the authorities had the info you sent me.  And I suspect it will likely happen anyway, given your intelligence.  If anything you should change your account so you won't experience the lingering knowledge that I have this information, in addition to the fact that you have a level of security on your connection that I could wipe my ass with.

If you indeed are who you claim to be then you should be aware at this point that for your own sake it would be wise to cease your account immediately until you can establish a better connection under a name I would not associate with you.  Just so you know, that is not a threat, but do you really trust me implicitly?  With your posts on this board virtually amounting to conspiracy?

If you DO continue your account it is pretty obvious you are just some kid with nothing at risk who does a little bit of research and a LOT of bragging, or perhaps a cop.

"Holy shit, would you look at that?"  - Flip (8/4/2002)
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08-05-02 13:36
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what if I were a cop huh?  Imagine the DEA busting down your door huh?  This would have already happened if the authorities had the info you sent me. 

Not necessarily. For all you know (and the DEA) he's talking out his ass. I have reason to beiieve he is not, but whatever, either way it doesn't belong here. And it's not as easy as 1.2.3 get him. That would open them up to lots and lots of lawsuits and other fun things. An investigation needs to be conducted. And seriouly Flip, why the threats of giving out what you beleive is his IP? Even if he was full of shit, that type of retailiation is unhealthy for both parties.

SMoke a joint and cap up that powda!!! I dont know 1 person that would eat a press of anything. Powda is pimp type playa shit. You know what your gettin, you got what you want.

& I'm, somethin of a phenom, 1 puff of da cron, I'm un-stopable.   
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08-05-02 14:13
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This thread is getting monstrously off topic.

People: If you want to discuss Cyril any further, do that in PM please.

Cyril: If you want to avoid being disliked by the moderators and users here, please no more discussions relating to large-scale distribution of anything in present or future tense, only in past tense, if at all.