Yachaj (Stranger)
07-28-02 11:49
No 338108
      Theoretical the best DMT source would be  Bookmark   

... a psilocybian mycelium of which the enzyme which places the OH group at the 4th position doesn't work. It should be possible to knock out the responsible gene.

(Hive Bee)
07-28-02 13:30
No 338149
      Theoretically speaking  Bookmark   

in theory, the stockroom of your privately owned chem distribution co. would be the best source.wink
(Hive Bee)
07-29-02 22:43
No 338838
      Theoretical the best DMT source would be...  Bookmark   

Theoretical the best DMT source would be...a truckload of the needed chemicals and a chemist to make it faster for you then you can consume it.

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07-30-02 22:50
No 339257
      Yachaj: Unfortunatly i dont think it is as simple ...  Bookmark   

Yachaj: Unfortunatly i dont think it is as simple as that. Such an enzyme probably serves other integral funtions in the cell production of psilocybin and psilocin.

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(Hive Bee)
07-31-02 00:30
No 339287
      Whatever happened to toads  Bookmark   

Wouldnt taking 5meo-DMT from toads be alot easier then trying to effec enymatic reactions.  Not to up on my enzymology, but it would seem to me to be alot easier to get it from a toad then remove cleave the methoxy group off the 5 posistion.  I don't know how easy that would be, or if it would even be possible to do, but we are talking about theroy here aren't we. ..

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07-31-02 06:17
No 339378
      The reason I posted the idea  Bookmark   

it was after reading the texts at


(warning: my popup killer made a lot of noise when I just checked if the URL still exists. It does, but I am afraid that a lot of spammy windows will pop up if you open it without a popup killer. I hate URLs at cheap websites...)

It seems that someone was already very successfull in isolating the enzymes and transferring them to another organism (a yeast). This didn't work out. But knocking out a gene without transferring a part of the genome to another organism is less prone to failure.

If somebody would succeed in removing the 4 hydroxy gene from a cubensis it is no problem if the mycelium looses the ability to fruit, since American Patents no. 3183172 and 3192111 (as viewed at http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/srchnum.htm) provide a good method to get the alkaloids from a mycelium in surface culture (which BTW is much less vulnerable to contamination compared to a liquid fermentation).

If the removal of the gene does not prevent fruiting/sporulation it would even be better for legal reasons. It only needs to succeed once!

So all in all and especially after the cited tampanensis research I think that somebody should try it out. I do not possess the necessary knowledge, but knocking out genes is a technique which is routinely performed by undergraduates. So SWIY can try it out.

So I hope my post is not as hypothetical as it looks.

(Hive Addict)
07-31-02 08:46
No 339406
      I was under the impression that the toads ...  Bookmark   

I was under the impression that the toads secreations where primarily bufot., and that stuff was kinda toxic.  Besides, unless you live in the sonoran desert, those toads are rather hard to come by.  Plus, why bother those innocent little critters, you can much much more easily look around the net and find MHRB.

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07-31-02 11:00
No 339442
      Don't touch the ring  Bookmark   

SaintCyril, the technique to put several frogs in a blender, do A/B, isolate the 5-Methoxy and chop off the CH3O doesn't work. At least that is what I have heard from more experienced chemists. The methoxy is too tightly connected to the ring. Any attempt to remove it directly damages the molecule beyond repair.

(Hive Addict)
07-31-02 11:10
No 339445
      chopping off the CH3O is almost imposible.  Bookmark   

chopping off the CH3O is almost imposible. DMT is not that hard tom make, you need indol,oxalylchloride,dimethylamin and LAH. I thing it's much easyer than making mescalin from vanilin or TMA-6 from appletreessmile
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07-31-02 12:58
No 339483
      NO! NO! NO! Dont kill the frogs!!!!!  Bookmark   

NO! NO! NO! Dont kill the frogs!!!!!
They have two very large glands sitting on the back of their head.  These can bee milked onto glass slides like the ones you would use for a microscope.  Allow the goo to dry, and it can bee smoked as-is (or so Ive read).  It takes a few weeks, and then the glands will recharge and there will bee more.

Dont bee so selfish.  Although I also disagree with captivity, it is far worse to sacrifice an animal for such a crappy high.  Buying them already dead is just as bad as killing them.  If people dont buy the frogs, there is less 'demand' for them to go out and capture/kill them.


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07-31-02 14:56
No 339507
      Reasons for liquid fermentations  Bookmark   

God, don't take me too serious (except my statement that I am an atheist). Milking frogs is cruel. And besides, A/Bing blenderized frogs results in the the worst emulsions imaginable. Yuck!

Hest, I know that there are just a few chemicals needed to make shitloads of DMT but some of those are dangerous, others are difficult to obtain (LAH!) and DMT synthesis is not doable in an apartment (neighbours do not like it).

But biosynthesis is simple, on the condition that you use the right organism. A cubensis (and a paspali! - perhaps most fungi) only need a mixture of 6g of maltose or dextrose, 500mg of British Marmite, 1cc of household 3% hydrogen peroxide and 100ml of water to produce 2000-2500mg of dry mycelial biomass at roomtemperature in a marmelade jar or tupperware container (etc.) as surface culture without stirring. The peroxide enables inoculation without any sterile precaution (just mix the ingredients except the H2O2 in a milkpan, heat until it begins to boil, then add H2O2, pour in jar and allow to cool down. Now add a bit of mycelium which has been cultured out on a bit of colonized sawdust/cardboard which was soaked in the same mixture (other than bits of agar, pieces of sawdust/cardboard float on the mixture). Do A/B after the medium has colonized to get your crude alkaloids (in this way the A/B is possible in the same container as the fermentation!). I think I dare to guarantee/bet that you won't find any medium which gives you more biomass or a stronger blueing / pink decolorization of named mycelia. The secret is in the marmite. Malt sugar is the best energy source for fungi (I have tried all sugars/meals/flours I could find and didn't find a better mixture for liquid media than malt+marmite).

So I hope you see why I put my cards on liquid fermentation. What is needed are the right organisms.

A modified cubensis may still be theory, but how close can we approach our goals with other life forms? Schizophylum commune (the split gill fungus, perhaps the
world's most widespread fungus) produces indole. There may even be a direct source for DMT: a Phalaris callus culture, grown out as biomass in separate cells in a liquid medium. I still have to collect literature to learn how that should be done. No idea how much callus biomass is needed for a good dose, but I understand that Phalaris seedlings contain more DMT compared to bigger plants so this method at least has some potential. Especially since the whole cultivation process is both OTC and legal to do.

MHRB? Yeah. It is the best choice of the moment. But I suspect that the prices will rise tremendously once ppl discover how easy it is to get the goodies out (do you beez know the black market price of purified nigerine?). Cultivation of MHRB is a slow process and not suitable for temperate regions.

(Hive Addict)
07-31-02 15:23
No 339511
      prices have already taken a climb with mhrb, it ...  Bookmark   

prices have already taken a climb with mhrb, it is STILL very cost efficient and worthwhile.  Just my opinion: fuck phalaris, its predominantly 5meo, one can just order clean 5meo if they choose (swim thinks 5meo should bee tried at least once, for the experiance, but after one has had a taste of n,n DMT- you probably wont go back to 5 meo).  Sure, there are some reports that suggest phalaris MAY contain n,nDMT- but it is easily overpowered by the meo.
DMT is worth the hassle for an extraction, especially given how hard it is to find it out on the 'street', unless your fortunate enough to live in San Fransisco.

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07-31-02 20:05
No 339602
      On Toads  Bookmark   

I was pretty sure you wouldn't be able to take the MeO of the DMT, but I also was kind of curious about it.

There are a few commercialy available sources of the Bufo. Sp. toads that were killed as roadkill.

I have smoked the skin strait before in a pipe.  The next day I gfot sick and threw up, but I should note I have a quarter pound of opiated hash that I had been smoking quite heavily as well at/during the same time, and as usual metamphetamines wa sin the equation as well. 


We are the people that your parents warned you about.