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07-28-02 22:47
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      Nitrogen gas(N2) cylinders?  Bookmark   

Is it difficult to find? where would I look offline?
Will I need to buy a regulator or guage or anything?
I want a cannister/cylinder, tube and to be able to turn it on/off easy, what would I need to buy for all that?

Apart from creating an inert atmosphere, what effect does such a non-reactive gas have on carbonacious crap, does the ember glow brighter, or does the ember hate the N2 rushing around? Or does that depend if theres an O2 source in the reactants?

for future reference, should I ask a post like this if I must at the time, or should I have put the second question in the newbie forum, and the on topic questions here?

this is my first post here
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07-29-02 01:16
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      Welding Supply.  Bookmark   

There are shops that sell welding supplies, these are the best places for an individual to get a tank of compressed gas. Argon is better than nitrogen for use as an inert gas because argon is heavier than air. You will also want to buy a pressure regulator for the tank. You will also want some way of chaining the cylinder to a wall so that it can't fall over. Large companies that use lots of compressed gas often rent the tanks that the gas comes in, paying a "demurrage" charge on the cylinders. You will want to find a shop that will sell the cylinder outright.
07-29-02 01:45
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      Thanks terbium, ill go with that.  Bookmark   

Thanks terbium, ill go with that.

The only other thing I guess I can ask without a lot of search engine use/time about this is. How long will a cylender last for a steady flow, maybe even intermitant flow, hours, days? should I maintain a steady flow to be absolutely certain of an inert atmosphere, or will using argon make this less of an issue?

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07-29-02 02:01
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      Good advice Terbium  Bookmark   

In a dream mind you, this individual was in a dumpster looking for paper work with a company name or something like that. Then he paid with cash and recived a rental tank. Once you have a grid tank (rental) tank, any gas supply will exchage it. There was a time dumpsters were prevalent in my dreams.

Help i'm a Rock.  Frank Z
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07-29-02 04:47
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      A long time.  Bookmark   

A tank will last a long time. Once you have purged the apparatus then you use a bubbler as the gas outlet and just maintain enough gas flow for a steady stream of bubbles.
07-29-02 06:09
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      ill work with it  Bookmark   

thanks a punch terbium, I should be right with this now.
*shakes terium and BenWiFFens front leg*