Anansi (Newbee)
07-29-02 09:51
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There was some interest in the .PDF Journal Article I posted regarding synthesis & pharmacology of Longer Acting Fentanyl Analogues.

I also have the .PDF for a journal article regarding the synthesis & pharmacology of 4-Methyl Fentanyl. This analogue is approximately 3x the potency of Fentanyl and has significantly better confidence limits. The journal article is by I.V. Micovic et al. - the same group who published the article about 2,3-secofentanyl available at Rhodium's site.

In this article this article they use a different method to the more common N-alkylation of 4-piperidone, formation of imine derivative of N-alkylpiperidone followed by reduction of imine derivative etc. The method presented is also suitable for the synthesis of other 4-substituted fentanyl derivatives, which range between 2x and 30x the activity of Fentanyl.

I don't have the ability to put the .PDF online, but if bees express some interest in this article I can email it to Rhodium, who can make it available.

07-29-02 09:56
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What is the title of the paper, and what journal does it appear in?
Thanks smile

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(Hive Bee)
07-29-02 11:06
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Anansi, blondie would be interested in the pdf, i think it would also make a good addition to Rhodium's archive.
(Hive Bee)
07-29-02 17:56
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The title is: 'The synthesis and preliminary pharmacological evaluation of 4-methyl fentanyl' and the article appeared in 'Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2000) vol 10 p 2011 - 2014'

(Chief Bee)
07-29-02 21:50
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../rhodium/pdf /4-methyl-fentanyl.pdf