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07-29-02 12:34
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      carbonation and DMT  Bookmark   

  Swim tried acidifying freebase DMT with coca-cola (semi-flat, he kept shaking it and bleeding off the gas- before the DMT was added) and wound up with an inactive ayahuasca mixture.  Swim strongly suspects that the carbonation must have oxidised it or something to that effect.  The cola fizzed when he added the DMT, so he knows the cola wasnt completly flat.  He also simmered it for a little while as well to get it all to dissolve (he assumed that because that was the way it was traditionally prepared, it should bee ok, plus- he assumed that the acidic salt of DMT would bee more stable).  Couldnt have any chunks floating around as he made enough for 6 doses.  His first dose was equivalent to 50 mgs DMT, and when nothing happened about 1.5 hours later, he took another 100 mgs plus more maoi, still no effect.
  Any thoughts regarding why his mix didnt work?  He used rue extract for the maoi, and definatly felt the sedative effect from it, so he knows that wasnt the problem...plus, he ended up taking an eighth of shrooms and there was a definate mao effect.

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07-29-02 20:30
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      MAOI?  Bookmark   

What did you use as an MAOI and how much of the MAOI did you use?
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07-30-02 07:53
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      swim made an extract of syrian rue.  Bookmark   

  Swim made an extract of syrian rue.  He dissolved the rue in water and drank it separatly.  There is no doubt in his mind that he had enough of it to get the inhibitory effect, there was a pleasant, relaxing sedative effect that was enough to augment his depression when the dmt failed to work.  In fact, he had quite a powerful effect from the mushrooms he consumed after the fact- he knows for certain that #1- the maoi was active and that #2- the freebase he added to the cola was definatly good, active DMT (he was also smoked a bit of it from the same batch- although not with the maoi.  Cant remember off hand, but he used aproximatly 60 grams of finely ground rue seeds to make up ~20 doses with a simple acidic extract (with muratic) which he filtered off the sediment (very thouroughly) and then simmered all day and then finally put in the oven to get rid of excess water.  According to where he got the 'recipie', 1 gram of said extract should have been enough for 6 people.  His first and second dose of the extract where both ~ 1/6 of a gram.  The sedative effect was noticed within 10-15 minutes and swim had fasted for two whole days before ingestion....

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07-31-02 15:51
No 339516
      What???  Bookmark   

 "the freebase he added to the cola was definatly good, active DMT"

  What? You had freebase and you added it to cocacola??? Why on earth would you want to do that??? just dump in a cap and eat, stomach hcl will take care of all the "salting" you'll ever need...

  Maybee I'm missing something here??


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07-31-02 16:10
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      Dunno if its in this thread or not, but swim did ...  Bookmark   

Dunno if its in this thread or not, but swim did a lot of reading around the net, anecdotal reports etc... And it appears that anything that slows down digestion/absorbtion can have a dulling effect on the trip.  Swim figured hed acidify it first in order to facilitate absorbtion.

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