scarmani (Hive Bee / Eraser)
07-30-02 03:04
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After quick UTFSE swim retains a fewQ's on Custom Organic Synthesis.

1) generally, what is the minimum order?  ~5 K?

2) other than scheduled psychoactives or watched precursors/reagents, are there requests that will cause unwanted scrutiny &or outright rejection?

3) what qualifications are necessary to those requesting a custom synth?  how lax / strict is verification of qualification?

4) are Cust. Org. Synth. outfits from certain hemispheres more amenable to doing business?  (lead on, you shiny question)

stop, drop & roll
(Chief Bee)
07-30-02 05:55
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Short answer: It depends entirely on what company you are asking.

Asian companies are generally very open-minded about what they can synth for you, and a $1000 order is definitely not too small for them. Qualifications for requesting a custom synth? Only that you have the $$$ they are asking for... They appreciate if you give them exact synthetic descriptions, like a copy from a journal article or so - that will also keep the price down.
(Hive Bee)
07-30-02 11:25
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If you resides in the US there is also the possibillity that precursors scheduled in your area isnīt scheduled where the company are. So they gladly make them for you. Then how you get them to where you are is another question.

US regulations doesnīt cover the whole planet yet.
09-02-02 10:53
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Use a bussiness name, make sure you know what you want how it's packaged etc. send to a dead drop a unoccupied address, after UPS leaves a attempted delivery slip leave a money order with instructions to leave on porch, next day watch with binoculars fetch, cut, and run. Been thre, done that.P.S. some chemicals are flammable dangerous, etc. and can be shipped by freight only, and your payment will have to be there for the first and only delivery. shockedshockedtongue