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07-30-02 22:15
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      Sassafras Oil Steam Distillation - Part 2  Bookmark   

Having had great success with obtaining Sassafras Oil from the Steam Distillation of Sassy root bark, I decided to take the experiment a step further. Having reviewed the existing methods of Sassafras Oil purification, i.e. freezing and high temperature vacuum distillation, I decided that neither was something I wanted to use. So instead I made a Steam Distillation set up:
A 2 liter 24/40 2 neck flat bottom flask and Hot Plate as the Steam Generator. Into one neck was inserted approx. 2 1/2 feet of 1/2 inch I.D. high temp. rubber hose that in fact came off of a Rug Steamer I found in the trash! I put a glass stopper in the other neck as a safety valve. Filled with H2O. The hose fit real snug in the 24/40 neck, but was duct taped in anyway. Hose was wrapped/insulated with that plumbers foil backed insulation they solder on. Other end of hose was inserted into another 24/40 2 neck flask so that the hose was about 1/2" from the bottom, and duct taped in. In other neck was inserted still head/condenser, vacuum adapter, and RB receiving flask glass. Mag stirrer under this flask. Raw golden/brownish sassy oil was put into this flask, and hot plate under Steam Generator fired up on high. Soon clear H2O and nice water white sassy oil/safrole were pouring into the receiving flask! The oil collects on the bottom of the H2O. I haven't had this oil analyzed yet, but I suspect that its mostly pure Safrole.

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07-30-02 22:18
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      Sassafras oil is already steam distilled.  Bookmark   

Sassafras oil is already steam distilled. You won't be able to separate its components by steam distilling it a second time.

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07-30-02 23:04
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      Well, it does separate!  Bookmark   

The reason we did this was that the oil we had was of "unknown" quality. Besides being a brownish-red-golden color, it had a funny, almost chemical smell - quite unlike the sassy oil from the root bark.
Once it was steamed distilled, it not only came out water white, but had that very fragrant "sassy" smell. Much reddish brown sticky crap was left in the bottom of the steam chamber.

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07-31-02 10:12
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Hmm..it would have been faster and easier if you just distilled the previous sassy oil. Maybe even higher purity too.

07-31-02 19:53
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      The Oil From The Root Bark  Bookmark   

is looking to be 95% pure or better. (Will try and get it tested by a "real" lab) Maybe no need to re-distill it; we'll see...
The other oil was your run-of-the-mill commercial stuff; my guess is that its 65-75% safrole. When that oil was poured into H2O for crude test, it formed 3 layers: reddish-gold oil on bottom, a smaller layer on top of that which was reddish with semi-water soluable crap and oily stuff in it, and then the H2O on top. The steam distill cleaned it up nicely.

BTW, has anyone had any experience with Molecular Sieves? I know they're expensive, but I'm thinking of using the 4A activated type to dry out oil and solvents. Supposedly can suck up 60 times their weight of H2O.

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08-01-02 11:51
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its impossable for swim in oozy to order sassy oil, so this  is embraced emphatically bubzwink

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