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08-01-02 03:53
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      Mexican Pharmacias  Bookmark   

I would like to plan a trip to Tijuana to check out the benzodiazepine availabilty.  The problem is, I have never been there.  In fact, I have never been to Mexico.  Can amyone give me any kind of advice?  I;m not looking for a source...just general info. 

I'm not really concerned with border crossing info.  I just want to know what to expect and what to look for once I am there.

Any info at all would be appreciated.

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08-01-02 04:06
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      Usually, there will bee a doctors office nearby ...  Bookmark   

Usually, there will bee a doctors office nearby any of the pharmacies.  Do yourself a big favor, and go buy a script from him beefore you buy the pills at the pharmacy.  The pharmacy will usually sell you the pills either way, but if you dont have a script, you may walk out of the pharmacy and find yourself getting shaken down by the local police.  At the pharmacies, theyll usually have a little folder with all of the goodies listed and their prices.  Dont worry about the language barrier, it will all bee very understandable when you finally get there.  Although youll probably have a better time finding things if you speak a little.  Some of the pharmasists can speak a little broken english too, so for common things, just tell them what your looking for in plain english.  They deal with this sort of thing day in and day out.  Dont bee alarmed if you make an order, then they send a kid to run (outside of the store) to go and fill the script for you.
Just swims experiance.
utse, there are a few posts floating around about this subject.

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08-01-02 05:11
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      Thanks for the info. I used the search engine and ...  Bookmark   

Thanks for the info.  I used the search engine and came up with nothing cept a post regarding ephedrine acquisition in Tijuana.  I'll look a liitle harder.

Do these doctors have a problem with perscribing large scripts.  I mean, I dont want a month supply.  Know what I mean?

Also, is there a specific area of town I should goto?  Or are there pharmacies everywhere?

Thanks again.

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08-01-02 07:49
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      Read the entire "Pharmacies" thread beginning ...  Bookmark   

Read the entire "Pharmacies" thread beginning with Post 248957 (EveldaDrumgo: "Online pharmacies?", General Discourse).

I think you will find it very informative.  Pay close attention to legal implications!!

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08-01-02 09:08
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      If your walking over, in tiujana, just hang a ...  Bookmark   

If your walking over, in tiujana, just hang a right when you get off that ramp... they are all over the place.  You may wanna do a little price shopping before you buy, although comparatively its all cheap as hell.

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08-01-02 12:53
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      No matter what  Bookmark   

Keep a $50 in your sock it will buy your freedom if you bet rolled in TJ.

Mexico is like the wild west be careful and you'll be alright.
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08-01-02 20:51
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      Thanks for all the info.  Bookmark   

Thanks for all the info.  This was exactly what I was looking for.

And thanks for the link Mtehadist.  From what I've heard about Texas law I wouldnt dream of crossing into that state.  I'm thinking Cali would be much safer/easier.  Someone correct me if I;m wrong.

God (or anyone else who can answer this questions), I dont wanna travel 3000 miles to pick up a month's supply of a med that I legitimately need.  I would like this to be a one time thing.  Would acquisition of 1000 pills or so be possible. 

Fully_auto:  I will definately follow your advice.

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08-01-02 23:43
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Everythings possible. I have bought small quantities ie ~100-200 pills from Mexican Pharmacies, but I would guess that 1000 pills might raise some eyebrows. I would reconmend against importing 1000 pills. That could get you into a lot of trouble in either Texas or California. If you "legitimately" need them, talk to your doctor; it's a lot less riskier.

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08-02-02 23:00
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      Re: God (or anyone else who can answer this ...  Bookmark   

God (or anyone else who can answer this questions), I dont wanna travel 3000 miles to pick up a month's supply of a med that I legitimately need.  I would like this to be a one time thing.  Would acquisition of 1000 pills or so be possible. 

Without a valid prescription or a written note from a US doctor, even if you have a prescription from a foreign doctor, you will be limited to 50 doses. With a valid prescription you can bring in more but I don't think 1,000 would be allowed. You might be able to find out at


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08-03-02 03:54
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      50 Doses?  Bookmark   

50 doses = 1000 benzo pills tongue

Well, maybe 500, but not too far from the truth...

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08-03-02 06:02
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Look into overseas pharmacies and ordering them.

Cheaper and easier.  But I wouldn't order 1000 at a time.

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08-03-02 20:51
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      overboard  Bookmark   

hey foxy do you have any GOOD links for oversears pharms?

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08-04-02 00:30
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      CrystalDaddy: Hey! Careful!  Bookmark   

CrystalDaddy: Hey! Careful! That would violate the No Sources rule!
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08-04-02 13:53
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The R/X stores in TJ have changed alot in the last two years. Shop around you'll find some that will sell you what ever you want without a script. Drive over and hide the shit good make sure you buy some blankets or leather goods to show the customs man. I've heard if they find the drugs they fine you and toss the drugs. Then your placed on a list and better not get cought for 5 years after. They even sell weed at some R/X stores

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08-04-02 22:59
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      Customs much tighter now  Bookmark   

Since 9-11 they have tightened the inspection procedure considerably. Each shopping bag, package or carrier is opened and the contents is examined. Contraband, including pipes you can legally purchase at any head shop, are confiscated.

Bummer. But at least were safe from the horrors of marijuana!!


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08-04-02 23:12
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      Changes in law  Bookmark   

It doesn't matter if you have a note or RX from the U.S. Surgeon General! Feeral laws states very succinctly:

"Prescrptions filled in foreign countries for U.S. citizens are limited to a supply not to exceed thirty days"

This is down from the prior limit of 90 days

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08-06-02 21:54
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sorry about that, thought i was doing a PM crazy
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08-07-02 03:03
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Listen to Foxy... It's way easier to find a pharmacia or two online and do multiple orders.  Then you don't have to do the border crossing.  In Swij's experience (that girl's a walking pharmacy!) most overseas pharmacias have mucho benzos. smile

Swij also tells me that benzos are usually one hair cheaper from Indian pharmacies rather than Mexican.  Little tip. wink


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08-07-02 04:41
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      I use online pharmacieas all the time...  Bookmark   

I use online pharmacieas all the time...used to anyway.  Lately there seems to be more and more people getting ripped off from what used to be legitimate online pharmacies.  This is exactly why I wanna travel to TJ to pick up some product.

India used to be great for OPs with unbeatable benzo prices.  They are all closing down and not filling their last orders on their way out.  I guess I can talk about a source cause it no longer exists and ripped alotta people off.  You may have heard of Cure***** from India.  I dealt with them for along time.  Suddenly there website is down, they arent answering their emails, and they own my $300.  That's just one example.  I;m sick of rolling the dice with online pharmacies.  There's nothing worse than checking the mail everyday, waiting for meds that I need, only to be disappointed.

There are still a few that I consider completely legit and reasonable in their prices but they are not in India.  something happened over there.  It seems that overnight all of the OP's from India got shady.

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08-16-02 21:55
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      Good place to look is searching for a forum...  Bookmark   

Theres a nice famous place out there for op's and rating them as scams or not.  it rhymes with lug tires.
08-17-02 07:11
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      down by the river...  Bookmark   

Dont know how it is over on that side of the states; but over here, "down by the river", I have a friend that speaks English and owns a pharm.  Hes a great guy and has even been on HBO for 'helping' athletes become faster and stronger.  But the best thing about all of it is that he will ship your medicine to you so that you are not so bogged down with items when walking back across.  You know, the beer, food, gifts for friends, etc. 

In reference to your original question, the language will not be an issue.  However, [again this is HERE, SWIM told me] that because it is so close to the border there are agents that linger around and watch what you buy and what you carry.  So, use caution if you dont have the right prescription.  FYI.

It's amazing what you can learn if you read; sad that many are too lazy to do so...