KraZAlchemist (Stranger)
08-01-02 08:34
No 339682
      Possible Acquisition Method  Bookmark   

SWIMS been thinking of some safe ways to order sassy, and other non-list chems. or glass.  Here's his thoughts, feel free to shoot'em down, or let'em know if you think it might just work.

1.) SWIM uses his novelty ID to get a Mail Box at a MBE, or something like that.  Is this generally a problem?  Using an out of state novelty with supporting fake documents? (eg. College ID, work ID, SS Card, Utility bill, etc)

2.) Sign up for one of those pretty much anonymous, secured credit cards anyone can get.  Get it in the novelty name, shipped to the box.

Now either simply order the sassy, and/or other non-hazardous stuff directly to the box using the anonymous CC, if sassy, only retrieve once, and never return. OR add some additional security by:

3.) Adding a second billing address or change the billing address of the CC to a hotel (well out of your area);

4.) Order items 2nd day air (as to not arouse suspicion w/over night shipment) to this hotel w/your CC using the hotel address;

5.) Check into said hotel, with the novelty ID & Credit Card, Filling in company info (something to do with what your ordering)

6.) Inform the people at the front desk, that your expecting a package from your company, can they please let you know when they received it.

7.) Check in once a day, and see if they've received it.

8.) Get the goods, and never go back again.

9.) Repeat if necessary

It may cost for a few days at a hotel, but it should be worth it.  Is there any problem with just ordering sassy directly to the mail box? SWIM doesn't like the PMB bullshit, it doesn't look very professional for ordering Sassy, or chems/glass for your “legit” business.  Should be fine for ordering the anonymous CC.

Let me know what you think, and/or how to improve above methods.

(Hive Bee)
08-01-02 18:29
No 339824
      hmmm  Bookmark   

small orders can bee safely had without all that fuss. Do you think the DEA has the resourses to investigate every 4oz. bottle of sassy ordered through the mail? they DONT.
If your after a good time for you a a few friends you can really enjoy this hobby without beecummin a paranoid freak.
Keep your chems and glass at seperate locations until showtime and keep your mouth shut to EVERYONE.. YOU NEVER ADMIT MANUFACTURE...EVER, EVER, EVER!!!!!

If your lookin to supply the U.S with XTC good luck and Ill write if I get the chance.


LYFizBUTaDREAM...and then you wake up dead!
08-01-02 19:32
No 339835
      stocking up  Bookmark   

SWIM would like to stock up on his favorite oil, while it's still available in 10L pails, or whatever.  I've been around here, lurking for years.  I'm no newbee, i just don't post.

...  Besides, why would one want to order just 4 OZs of oil?  That's not even enough for one BS/MM synth.

SWIM knows it's allot of bullsh*t, but it seems safer to him, instead of ordering stuff at his house.

Do you think it the above would work?
(Hive Bee)
08-01-02 19:33
No 339836
      And Seriously  Bookmark   

If your going to get multiple Liters of oil go drive and pick it up with cash, a little more cash will ussually buy you no reciept.  Or better yet if you have the actual need for a few liters pay someone else to go pick it up for you. . . . um hello.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
08-01-02 20:33
No 339854
      Cy, All of the "wholesale" oil places that swim ...  Bookmark   

All of the "wholesale" oil places that swim could find, did not seem as though they had actual store fronts.  Why would a ligitimate business send somone over to pick up a few liters of supicious oil from a wholesale company? 

is it not that supicious in some places?  swim could just use the novelty at these places, and buy other soap making "oils"...?
(Hive Bee)
08-01-02 20:41
No 339861
      Raffike thought about ordering 10 gal sassy pail ...  Bookmark   

Raffike thought about ordering 10 gal sassy pail for backupsmile

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
(Hive Addict)
08-01-02 20:50
No 339862
      Large quantities are dangerous.  Bookmark   

Large quantities are dangerous.  There will always bee other routes to the good stuff.  10 liters?  Your freedom is NOT worth stocking up in that fashion.  Why not make a project out of locating a large quantity of rootbark instead?  Depending on where you live, I think it is very, very unwise to take a risk like that.  Do yourself a favor, take 30 seconds to stop and visualise all of the ramifications of you getting charged with manufacture or conspiracy charges...  This is your life your messing with.

DMT... its good for what ails ya!
Just remember to bring back some of the love.
(Hive Bee)
08-01-02 20:57
No 339868
      Stop trying to look legit  Bookmark   

If you put more effort into actual secrecy then into trying to look legit you can really get somwhere.  Send someone else, or yourself to a store and bring cash, and if you are paying for a large order with cash most places will meet up with you, no reciept, no nothing, and just don't make yourself memorable.  If yau are REALLY concearned, every where I have lived you can buy a junk car for $500, or rent a car under a differnt name, whatever.  Then go and buy it in that car and guess what there won't be much to remember anyhow.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Bee)
08-01-02 21:00
No 339870
      Well,i don't live in US but i live in such place ...  Bookmark   

Well,i don't live in US but i live in such place where are no conspiracy laws and cland. chemist gets no jail time when he has family(such thing happened just few years ago.Chemist had 7 kgs of amphetamine and got no jail time because he had wife and kids)smile

A friend with speed is a friend indeed