Neron (Hive Bee)
08-01-02 09:40
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      Magnetically Influenced Crystallization?  Bookmark   

I've been wondering... What would happen if you cooled a supersaturated solution of something in a very strong (maybe rapidly reversing) magnetic field, with say, a big-ass electromagnet?  Would this change the shape and formation of the crystals?  Isn't crystallization the process of the atoms lining up in a lattice?  Isn't that dictated by electric attraction?  Maybe I'm just zoned out and rambling... I haven't slept in a while...
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08-02-02 04:04
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      I dont think the external magnetic force exerted ...  Bookmark   

I dont think the external magnetic force exerted on anything one would be practically crystallizing as such would be enough to alter the intermolecular forces responsible for crystallization. Basically crystallization results from short (atomic) range electrical attraction between the molecules and if the substance isn't magnetic to begin with, I dont think it will affect the crystallization of such a substance. I may be completely wrong, but thats my rationalization of it.

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08-02-02 04:45
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      The only way that I can see  Bookmark   

The only way that I could see this could effect crystalization would be if you added somesort of magnetig metal metal to the center of a seed crystal, and then used the magnets to hold the metal filled seed crystals in pace, you may be able to effect the pattern of growth, as far as effecting growth otherwise with magnets, I think you're right, too tierd.


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08-08-02 03:10
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      Sound waves might help  Bookmark   

I don't think an electromagnetic field would make that much of a difference, but I know that low frequency sound waves can speed up recrystallization.  When I used to evaporate methanol or water off of amine salts.  I would evaporate them with heat until they got to a viscous syrupy consistency, and then I would set them on my subwoofer and turn up the volume on some high bass rap or techno.  It seemed to help them form a seed crystal and crystalize a lot faster, but I've never done any real experiments to prove so.

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