PrimoPyro (Hive Prodigy)
08-02-02 05:14
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      Catalog Price Request for Two Compounds  Bookmark   

Can I get someone with a Sigma-Aldrich catalog or some other name-able company's catalog, to tell me what the price/quantity is for these following two compounds? I don't have a Sigma catalog, and Alfa Aesar doesn't carry either of these apparantly, as they are not listed in their catalog.

1.Propyleneimine, CASRN: 75-55-8

2.2,5-dimethoxytoluene, CASRN: 24599-58-4

If they offer several different kinds of the aziridine, the one of interest would preferably be anhydrous in THF or Et2O.

Also, I'd like an opinion on the watched-ness of number 2 above. I know dimethoxybenzaldehyde is suspicious, but what of the toluene? I know it's all guesswork anyway, but certain chemicals are KNOWN for their uses, and some are just probable precursors. So is dimethoxytoluene a known starting precursor to law enforcement?

It should be noted that I will not be purchasing either of these chemicals, so don't tell me not to. Thanks in advance for your help. I appreciate it.

(Hive Bee)
08-02-02 05:39
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      1. after conversion about $50 100ml 2.  Bookmark   

1. after currency conversion about $50 100ml
2. can only tell you for 2,3 2,6 3,4 or 3,5 dimethoxytoluene,mine doesnyt have the 2,5.

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08-02-02 05:53
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I assume your answer for #1 is a quote of the pure, dry compound?

Are the varying isomers of the dimethoxytoluene all similarly priced, or are they all very different? If they are similar, can you quote me the estimated average price? If they are radically different, can you quote me the most expensive one, and what that would be (which one and how much is it)?

I appreciate your help, its time to nab a few more catalogs over here.
(Hive Bee)
08-02-02 06:37
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      prices  Bookmark   

1 is 97%
2 [Edit]2,5 dimethoxytoluene-$150 100g
all rounded up for ease on the eye!wink

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08-02-02 06:47
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08-02-02 07:11
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      Thank You!  Bookmark   

You are so helpful. I really do appreciate your help. I will return the favor when I see an opportunity within my grasp.

Thanks. smile
08-02-02 12:33
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      Register!  Bookmark   

PP, as I assume acid_egg has done, you can register on Sigma-Aldrich's website. In the UK when you register, nobody contacts you. Anyone can register for information and pricing; you only need to explain yourself if you place an order (not a good idea as I'm sure you'll know).
(Hive Bee)
08-02-02 19:24
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      Actually Kinetic these are from a physical copy ...  Bookmark   

Actually Kinetic these are from a physical copy but registering is probably more accurate for pricing changes.BTW I should have made clear these are not Sigma-Aldrichs' prices.I'll send you the details.

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08-02-02 21:10
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      A better precursor which is even less suspicous ...  Bookmark   

A better precursor which is even less suspicous (and much cheaper) is 2-methylhydroquinone (also called toluhydroquinone), it is just a methylation away from your desired dimethoxy compound. It is about $10/100g.
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08-02-02 21:14
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      Yes but  Bookmark   

Then you must add the cost of DMS to that toluhydroquinone as well, as well as any other reagents/solvents needed to perform the reaction. I agree that it shouldnt be suspicious at all, though.

I thought about doing that. Shit, that price you quote is cheaper than for p-nitrotoluene, which is how it would be clandestinely made I assume. Better to just buy it from the source heh. Thats another useless reaction then. tongue

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08-05-02 08:22
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      Another Request  Bookmark   

Thanks for everyone's help. I have another request, if it isn't too much.

I am trying to locate a CASRN for a compound that I cannot locate on the web at all. I have searched chemfinder, google, infotrieve, and SA's catalog, under three names all to no avail.


I'd like to know if it even exists, and if so, what is the CASRN for it? If anyone happens to know who supplies this compound, feel free to PM me with this info if you feel so inclined.

Any help on this is appreciated.

(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 11:20
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      Propylenemethylimine ?  Bookmark   

Could you further specify this compound ? I've done a few months ago some extensive search on methylated pyrrolidines and azetidine. Unfortunately, these compounds are either very expensive, unstable to aqueous/acid conditions and difficlt to synthesize. Do yo mean N-methylazetidine or its 1-methyl or 2-methyl analog ?
(Chief Bee)
08-05-02 12:37
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      propyleneimines  Bookmark   

I don't think it is commercially available, it is not in any of my speciality chem catalogs, only propyleneimine itself. Make it yourself, see aziridine prep in Post 278889 (Tricky: "Re: New way to 2C-B (without reductions).", Novel Discourse).
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08-05-02 21:21
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      It should be noted  Bookmark   

That aziridine and 2-methylaziridine both share many characteristics with hydrazine, such as being amutagen, highly toxic, etc. A full range of safety equipment is needed to be present during their synthesis and/or when using them in reactions.
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08-05-02 23:35
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      Hey  Bookmark   

Now that I think about it, to do that procedure, I'd need 1-(N-methyl)amino-isopropanol to make the compound I want. Is this compound even available?? I'll search but I think it would just be easier to pay someone to make the 2,N-dimethylaziridine for me.... It cant be too expensive, propyleneimine is only $50/100mL thats not bad for these uses.