spankme (Stranger)
08-02-02 23:40
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swim wondering whats best/salt hci paste dripping sulfuric/just hci dripping sulfuric/or sulfuric then dripping hci.salt or no salt that is the question swim would be thankful ror some input maybe even sexual favors involved!!!!!!! blush[red]
(Chief Bee)
08-02-02 23:52
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../rhodium/chemistry /hclgas.argox.html
08-03-02 00:15
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I saw and lost that posting could not find my way back.  blonde i guess. anyway what do i owe you        cool
08-03-02 04:23
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swim is wondering if you add alchol to hci before dripping onto sulfuric if so how much/was a little confused by post must be a blonde thing some input would be a great help
08-03-02 12:39
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      H C L (g) is being dripped onto sulferic acid, ...  Bookmark   

Muri (hcl aq) is being dripped onto sulferic acid, the gas produced is ran though a trap, made anydrous, then gassed into 99% ipa, where it is absorbed.

Why anyone would bother making the gas anhydrous when 99% ipa 1% water is the end solvent.. is besides me. Maybe for demonstrational purposes? I would add some dried epsoms to the trap.

This is for major gassage I would think. If your looking to gas a few ounces of suspected product, then following this writeup may be overkill. You can just bubble Muriatic, releasing Hcl gas, into another flask filled with a drying agent, then from that flask into your freebase solution. Being that you were spelling HcL with HCi, I think the smaller version will suit your needs.

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