zorginvarjo (Stranger)
08-03-02 09:43
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      DMT From Psychotria Viridis???  Bookmark   

Iīm planning my first extraction. I have so much Psychotria viridis already that I chose that plant for my extraction though it has much less DMT than Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark.

Are There some things which I should know when using Psychotria viridis? Asking I am because I havenīt found anyone who would have used PV when extracting.

Can I use Muriatic acid? Lye?

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08-03-02 10:19
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      I think the extraction would go, just like for ...  Bookmark   

I think the extraction would go, just like for mimosa.  Defating might bee a little problematic.  Please make sure to report back.

DMT... its good for what ails ya!
Just remember to bring back some of the love.
08-03-02 15:44
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      Warning: green DMT salad needs back-extraction!  Bookmark   

I think that Psychotria viridis should be processed in a way similar to what is described in post no 336258 (how do I link to a post in a post?), which is a description of a back extraction, to which I will refer in the future as a B/A. Indeed, it is the A/B performed backwards.

This is performed to avoid the problems of green leaves, which are full of chlorofyll and probably loaded with tannins of the not hydrolizable type (see http://www.ansci.cornell.edu/plants/toxicagents/tannin/)

Here is an abstract of an isolation as published at page 181 of Trout's Notes on Some Simple Tryptamines http://trout.yage.net/sc/page3.html

Original ref:

Hochstein & Paradies (1957) Journal of the American Chemical Society 79:5735-5736:

Text according to Trout:

[They] used what probably was either Psychotria viridis or Diplopterys cabrerana but which had been furnished to them as an aqueous extract and misidentified as Prestonia amazonica.
They used Sodium hydroxide to bring the pH to 10.5 and extracted three times with Chloroform. After washing with water the chloroform was evaporated in vacuo to a viscous residue.
This was then vacuum distilled at 170 deg. at 0.01 mm to yield DMT as a colorless oil that crystallized spontaneously on standing. It was further purified by a second vacuum distillation.

So far Trout. To me this is an indication that there is very little experince with DMT purification from Ps. veridis  - I mean, if this is the *only* reference in all the existing literature and it is not even certain that it is not Diplopterys cabrerana (a more potent source compared to Ps. viridis), then I wouldn't count on success. So do not spoil your supply but start with little test extractions first!

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08-06-02 05:00
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To link formulate Post No. like so:
[ + 340579 + ] so it looks like this without quotations:
"Post 340579 (Yachaj: "Warning: green DMT salad needs back-extraction!", Tryptamine Chemistry)" with the number being the Post No.

The above post is purely fictional. Any resemblance to "real-life" is purely coincidental.
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08-20-02 16:31
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      P virid good for amazons, but  Bookmark   

I've extracted DMT from p virid, and found the bulk of the leaves to be quite worthless, a ton of slime, fats, and gunk.  A Ki of p virid takes up a small garbage bag, and powdering them is a bit of work (compared to mhrb).
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02-26-03 12:49
No 411899
      dmt freebase doesn't crystallise easy  Bookmark   

I note in the message I am replying to that you quote trout as saying 'vacuum evaporated'. Now, not that doing such things is really that hard (about $10 worth of plastic hose bits can make a vacuum pump) but getting a vessel which one can both vac-evap and scrape the damn things from is hard.

And on top of that they do a sublimination/recrystallisation. I have thought for a long time that this might be a viable technique, certainly the 'coldfinger' is not a hard piece of equipment to get. Oil bath, candy thermometer, wide mouth flat bottom flask, test tube. quite easy actually. Temp at 80 degrees C, actually a water bath could give these conditions.

Anyway, both phalaris and psychotria share this kind of problem. Since the former is easy to get, perfecting a sublimination tek might be a good way to get results, since most everything else that comes across is 100 degrees C plus in boiling point.

Actually, I would go so far as to say that this is the only way to get something really worth while out of the chlorophyllous sources (though for some reason acacia phyllodes aren't quite as problematic in A/B extractions).

They have a major advantage over bark sources - easy renewability.

pardon me, this is a fairly old thread, hope I didn't say something already said.

I know naaaathing.
02-26-03 13:04
No 411905
      For sublimation you usually need a very good...  Bookmark   

For sublimation you usually need a very good oil pump vacuum, nothing OTC would work. Exceptions are rare, e.g. ball-shaped molecules.
(Hive Bee)
02-26-03 23:32
No 412050
      What about using a coldfinger type setup, with  Bookmark   

What about using a coldfinger type setup, with a water bath running at 60-80°C? No vacuum. Or perhaps a water powered one to assist the process?

I know naaaathing.