SaintCyril (Hive Bee)
08-03-02 22:50
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Do any bees have experience with aqusition of hcl gas cylinders from compressed gas stores.  I have a compressed gas store that I know of that sells it, but I was curious if an bees have experience getting it in this fashio, and what a god cover might be.  Before you flame:
1. I know making it is easy
2. I know how to make large qtys, and store
3. Yes I UTFSE
4. Yes I searched the web
5. Yes I do have a need for it
6. Yes I understand that it is watched


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(Old P2P Cook)
08-04-02 01:11
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(In California) Trying to walk in cold to some compressed gas supplier and buy a cylinder of HCl almost guarantees that the supplier will drop a dime on you. There are just not that many legitimate users of anhydrous HCl and only the biggest of clandestine drug operations require cylinders of anhydrous HCl; the two factors combined mean that strangers buying HCl tanks often (belatedly) discover state or federal narcotics agents lurking in the bushes.
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 08:02
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In addittion to what terbium said, I would like to point out that in this fucked up post 9/11 world we live in they would probably also be concerned about it being used for terrorism. A big tank of HCl gas released indoors in a populated area could really fuck up a lot of motherfuckers.
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 13:47
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I would make a proper ventilated little outdoor house for the HCl cylider and have some very good-quality (expensive as hell) stainless steel tubing drawn into the lab, with outposts in the fumehood. Remember that this gas is toxic and really nasty. Otherwise the regulators are not affected. Iīve used my regulator for two years and it is still doing itīs job. The gas company can tell you what regulators and tubing to use. Itīs their area of expertise.
(Hive Bee)
08-04-02 22:50
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This might be a bit of a hassle depending on where you live. You may need to get a hazmat, mark your vehicle, etc. if you want to follow the rules. The business you purchase the HCl from may want to see your hazmat. That's a lot of forgery, which I wouldn't consider worth my time. Good luck though.

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(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 11:17
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Swim was able to get a lecture bottle of hcl through a welding supply one time but that was in 1996.Tried again in 2000 at the same place and they went to acting strange and asked a few too many questions so swim just blew it off and learned to make his own.
(Retractable Member)
08-05-02 20:54
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A vendure at that lab auction site that is the cube-root of the new Vin Diesle movie was recently giving away lecture bottles of this and other compounds, to "qualified" groups or individuals

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(Distinctive Doe)
08-08-02 00:00
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Was just putting salt in a cylinder and adding the correct amount of H2SO4, then selling for big $$ to the Mexicans.

Sounds a bit dangerous tho. wink
I wouldn't try this at home.

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(Line Monitor)
08-08-02 01:27
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Post 338249 (BenWiFFen: "Good advice Terbium", Chemicals & Equipment) will apply for most bottled gasses.

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(Old P2P Cook)
08-08-02 04:38
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Was just putting salt in a cylinder and adding the correct amount of H2SO4, then selling for big $$ to the Mexicans.

Sounds a bit dangerous tho.

Yeah, if the cylinder doesn't kill you then angry Mexicans will.