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08-06-02 05:54
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a dmt extraction is being performed using mhrb, HCL, naphtha, and NaOH.  after adding the NaOH and waiting a few days for the emulsion to settle, the aqueous layer is dark black and the naphtha layer has a bunch of brown foamy crap in it that just will not go away (despite additions of salt, more naphtha, and more NaOH). any suggestions? is it a lost cause? 
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08-06-02 08:46
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  Just extract the brown foamy crap along with the naphta.  You ARE backwashing arent you?  Backwash- (wash with a 10% naoh/dh2o solution X3) and it will clear it up nicely.  Provided swiys got a good container with a nice, solid seal, he/she may want to wrap the whole jar in a heating blanket or something the day before the extraction (leave it on until extract time).  This will probably bee enough to settle the emulsion PLUS swiy'll get more goodies in the naphta.
good luck, and post back if there are any further problems/questions.

In the future, always try to add solvents etc. carefully so as not to mix/shake and form an emulsion layer.  This applies to washes as well.  With the first 'wash', the solution doing the washing (the one that will bee discarded) should bee added in such a way that it runs down the side of the flask, ensuring that there isnt as much turbulance when it hits the extract.  This first 'wash' should bee done gently, by swirling and rocking back and forth.  Later washes can bee done (gradually) more vigarously as the extract is now somewhat cleaner, and an emulsion is less likely to form.  If swiy feels the need to tinker etc... GENTLY rock the jar/flask/container back and forth.  If swiy is adding the naphta layer, and letting it sit for extended periods more than 24 hours- just let the shit sit there.  Adding/maintaining warm naphta will do better for the extraction than agitation, plus, it will cut down the amount of time needed to extract the good stuff.  Granted, just letting it sit for a half week to a week will pull just as much, with the added benefit that your sure not to bee destroying some of the stuff at a faster rate.(ya know, excess heat and DMT dont mix very well)

DMT... its good for what ails ya!
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08-06-02 19:48
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Thanx, that does the trick beautifully!