algae (Newbee)
08-07-02 22:54
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      Acquiring precursors in the future...  Bookmark   

I've noticed lately that there are quite a few sources popping up for a certain scheduled chem. Sources that are ready and willing to sell to anyone with no questions asked. And for a chem. that a couple of yrs. ago couldn't bee found(or by very much difficulty) by searching. Now for my question: What do you think the level of difficulty will bee in acquiring precursors in say 5yrs, or even 10yrs down the road?
This question is more directed to the veteran bees who've been in the game for quite awhile and have seen the acquisition patterns throughout the yrs.

EDIT: Sorry if this belongs in the Couch, but thought it could really go both ways.
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08-07-02 23:11
No 342630
      It's getting more difficult every year.  Bookmark   

It's getting more difficult every year.

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08-07-02 23:48
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      Thats what the Hive[sup]TM[/sup]  Bookmark   

We create precursors out of previously non-precursors.

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08-08-02 00:36
No 342672
      MaDMAx: gbl. Seems like anyone w/ half a brain ...  Bookmark   

MaDMAx: gbl. Seems like anyone w/ half a brain who knows how to use a search engine that giggles can find something on it. I'm courious as to see just how easy, or hard it will be in the next few yrs, as opposed to now to acquire other certain items.
foxy2: It may just be my pessimistic way of thinking, but how long do you think it will bee before those "non-precursors" become just as regulated as everything else, or worst, just as availiable as such and such from some auction site. On the other hand, who's to say which is worse. I'm sure not.
Just wanted to know what some of you thought about the longevity of honey makin'
(Hive Bee)
08-08-02 00:43
No 342679
      Worst Case  Bookmark   

Well they won't ban any precursors which would have an effect of greater then $100,000,000 on the legitmate economy -- peppers, cinnamon, farm anhydrous, formeldahyde, vanillin, and many others.


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08-08-02 00:47
No 342682
      are you talking annually?  Bookmark   

are you talking annually?
(Hive Bee)
08-08-02 00:48
No 342683
      Yes  Bookmark   

Yes annually.

We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Line Monitor)
08-08-02 01:17
No 342700
      Green tint  Bookmark   

Has anybody noticed a green tint just for a sec when first lit. There's one example of a attempt to foil our fun. And to my supprise the purple stuff has ben seen in 16% lately. In general it's getting harder for the PIE cook.

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08-08-02 03:13
No 342748
      This is an interesting question..  Bookmark   

How long before the Hive will bee without bees because
nobody has the "ingredients" to dream with..Except those
who dream they are big-time producers..?shocked


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(Hive Addict)
08-08-02 03:51
No 342773
      never happen. The hive may close down, but ...  Bookmark   

never happen.  The hive may close down, but clandestine chemistry will always exist as long as prohibition does.
where theres a will, theres a way.

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08-08-02 04:07
No 342780
      Added point  Bookmark   

Although many of the precursors may not be banned or controlled to the extent that you speak of, they will more then likely be denatured to hell-- more work.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.