notfman (Old Bee)
08-08-02 17:23
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      How can I clean my heating mantles?  Bookmark   

I have several badly stained heating mantles. Does anyone know of a way of removing organic stains from these items?


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(Distinctive Doe)
08-08-02 22:17
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Send them there. laugh

Or maybee use something of the like?

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08-08-02 23:54
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Just soke them into some nonflamebel organic solvent (Dichloromethan, chloroform, perchloroetylen ect.) and let the dry. Iff you can't get this use an ordinarry solvent like toluen, but bee sure they are bone dry before you light them up smile
08-09-02 03:59
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      Soak it in hot ethanol, let stand for an hour or ...  Bookmark   

Soak it in hot ethanol, let stand for an hour or so, then water. If the washes aren't "clean", do it again (they'll never be clean like an A/B-wash, of course, but cleanER :-). When the last wash is done (with water), place it in an oven at ~100 C for about 12 h...

Try and get the power cord to stay outside the oven, as it's probably not designed for that kind of temperatures.

(Old Bee)
08-09-02 06:43
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      some experimentation is in order  Bookmark   

Thanks All. It looks like some experimentation is in order. I have enough stains to last through a whole series of tests laugh.

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09-24-02 01:24
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      max, swiy says not to turn the mantles on w/o ...  Bookmark   

  max, swiy says not to turn the mantles on w/o something in 'em, what about when theyre done beeing used?  Does one have to wait for everything to cool down, even if its turned off?
(Hive Bee)
09-25-02 01:16
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      what type mantles?  Bookmark   

There are various types of heating mantles, which require different cleaning procedures. Do you have a stand alone type (one with all the controls on board) is it a jacket type (just wraps the apperatus) common ball flask with glass cloth and plug for thermo controls. Is the shell S.S. or aluminum, Shiny or brushed. Are the stains on the cloth or the metal? For the brushed metal finish it is as easy as finding the closest match for scratch sand paper and have a go doing a stain removal sand, followed by a scratch match. The problems arise here when the stains turn out to be corosive, and you start out on a stain only to find the thin wall sheet aluminum pinholeing or crumbling. Thats addressed in metal shop. As far as the cloth covering the element, the stains are for sure going to be somewhat BAKED on due to use after staining. I've had better luck replacing the glass cloth. It is fairly straight forward, you use a high temp resistant adheasive to attach the new peice. Use a flask in the "cup" to prevent wrinkles, and it is VERY handy to use the flask to keep the cloth pressed then use a fine line marker to mark the excess to trim off. most of the adheasive is used around the top edge to keep the edge from fraying, and the fact that the element will burn the cloth AND the adhesive, not to mention the element itself is why you should have a transfer medium when powered up. S.S. rust is removed w naval jelly (med rust) dilute phosphoric acid (heavy rust) or CLR for light rust. S.S. or what some term as stainless steel is primarily used on clamp hardware that is permenently attached to the mantle body Be careful that the rust is all you wet with remover. Pitting on S.S. or aluminum is best veiwed as "stunning design characteristics" Otherwise fill with jb weld, sand when dry, and hope nobody notices. If they do, blame the least favorite entity that comes to mind and then cook, cook, cook!

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