Atropos (Stranger / Eraser)
08-12-02 03:04
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      TLC of safrole, halosafrole, azide and amine.  Bookmark   

What would be a good TLC mixture for these compounds?

20:1 and 8:1 DCM/MeOH is ineffective on silica, as is 4:1, 2:1 Hexane/EtOAC.

08-12-02 03:17
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If you had used the search engine, Post 312076 (lugh: "Characterization of Essential Oils", Methods Discourse) and Post 102488 (LaBTop: "Re: mandelin reagent", Chemistry Discourse)
should have turned up, as well as many others smile Rhodium has a section on his page as well laugh
(Master Whacker)
08-12-02 06:12
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96:4 Toluene/Ethylacetate is just what the doctor ordered!  Trust me, you wont be dissapointed.
(Stranger / Eraser)
08-13-02 02:43
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lugh (is that as in Lugh the Long Handed?), I actually did search on the engine (I search a hell of a lot more than I post, check out my registration date), but the combinations of words I used turned up many useless posts.  I apologize if this post is redundant.

Ritter, thanks a million!  That's what I needed to hear.  Several more useless combinations have reared their ugly heads, and I never would have thought of toluene as a primary solvent. 

Trust you?!? I've read your posts, and trust your information implicitly. You are a font of useful data...
(Hive Bee)
08-13-02 09:12
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      5:1 Hexanes:Ether
(Rated as: excellent)

5:1 Hexanes:Ether, the alkene will have a Rf of 0.8, and the Ketone will have a Rf of 0.2, and the Amine 0.1