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08-12-02 01:11
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      Storage of Ethyl Bromide?  Bookmark   

  Besides the usual "should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly sealed containers", is there anything else I should know about storage of this chem? Is there something I could add to home-made ethyl bromide to preserve it for a few months?

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08-12-02 01:19
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      very tightly!  Bookmark   

it should be stored in very tightly sealed containers!
i had evaporate 20 ml into the lab atmosphere over some months shocked.
if you used drones method, you should shake it with 1/5th volume
of conc. H2SO4 to remove possible ether and then wash with
sodium (bi)carbonate and water.

it should be realtively stable, distill before use.

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08-12-02 01:44
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      This compound will be fun to work with .  Bookmark   

  This compound will be fun to work with[sarcasm]. Thanks for the heads-up!cool

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08-12-02 02:05
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      Alkyl halogenides are often stored over a piece ...  Bookmark   

Alkyl halogenides are often stored over a piece of silver foil. Dunno why though.

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08-12-02 05:12
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      Silver in alkyl halides  Bookmark   

I'm not exactly sure of the mechanism, however storing alkyl halides with a small amount of silver wire or copper shot prevents discoloration and decomposition of the organics.  For example, I have seen numerous bottles of alkyl iodides from Aldrich, the most recent reagents were all shipped with a few copper beads(shot) rolling around in the bottom of the bottle.  The copper has completely prevented any discoloration from forming over a 5 year period.
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08-12-02 23:58
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      Ethylbromide  Bookmark   

I have a 25L flask from the 1950's still nice and clear. It's just standing in a basment.