Tezcatlipoca (Stranger)
08-13-02 04:27
No 345038
      Distillation of 2,5-DMP2P at atmospheric pressure?  Bookmark   

Can 2,5-DMP2P bee distilled at atmospheric pressure without damaging the molecule? TFSE only refers to atmospheric distillation of MDP2P; could find nothing about DMP2P.

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(Stoni's sexual toy)
08-13-02 04:29
No 345039
      I wouldn't do it. At least use an aspirator ...  Bookmark   

I wouldn't do it. At least use an aspirator vacuum.

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(Hive Bee)
08-13-02 06:01
No 345049
      Maybe  Bookmark   

Well, P2P can be distilled at atmospheric pressure so I have to wonder...what effect do those methoxies have...wouldn't be surprised if you could get away with it...but then I think Osmium has far more credibility than I so maybe his advice is the smarter move...
(and now I'm wondering if this post is of any use at all..)
(Chief Bee)
09-02-02 05:00
No 351784
      The effect of those methoxies is a considerably ...  Bookmark   

The effect of those methoxies is a considerably higher boiling point, as well as an inherent desire for the molecule to cyclise into a furan-type compound, if you have just a little bit of acidic or basic impurities in there.