starlight (Newbee)
08-14-02 15:55
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      reduction of dmmdp2np with urushibara?  Bookmark   

Does anyone know whether is is possible to reduce dmmdp2np with urushibara, or does anyone have a view as to whether this is possible (tmp2np is possible where as it seems mdp2np is not).

many thanks.

(Hive Bee)
08-26-02 14:47
No 349165
      seems like it might not be  Bookmark   

stumbled upon an answer to my own question, so thought I would post it for completeness:

"yes, the best yeilds 60%, were reported with P2NP, followed by TMP2NP at 55%, p-MP2NP at 25% and both MDP2NP and DMMDP2NP failed altogather with acidic activations. in most cases at least two rxns, in some like MDP2NP several times with a whole spectrum of variations."

can be found in a comment by Dr_Sister in the following document:

../rhodium/chemistry /urushibara.txt