alphacentauri (Stranger)
08-15-02 09:16
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      easily obtainable coke-like stuff?  Bookmark   

SWIM noticed that atropine and cocaine have a bicyclic cicloaliphatic ring system, made with two rings condensed. One chair conformation 1-methyl-piperidine, condensed with a cyclopentane system. That is tropane, isníit? Well, you find tropane both in cocaine and atropine. The difference is that in cocaine there are an alcoholic and a carboxylic acid functions on two adjacent carbon atoms, saturated as esthers (on hydrolysis of coke you should obtain that bicyclic ring system + benzoic acid and methanol), while in atropine there is just one alcoholic function, exactly in the same C atom as cocaine, estherified with tropic acid. Well, if one extracts atropine out of Datura Stramonium, obtainable any-fucking-where in these summer periods as an infestant weed, then hydrolyses it to liberate that tropanic ring system, followed by an estherification with benzoic acid, you should obtain a product structurally very similar to cocaine, the only difference is that is lacking a methyl esther carboxyl group. Has this way tried before? If this stuff could be any good, there is a shitload of these plants now, and in the evening hours, the smell of toxic they exhale can be felt metres away; itís a pity they thrive so happily and useless!
(Hive Bee)
08-15-02 11:38
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Too bad that benzoyltropine has phamacological properties like atropine rather then cocaine. You can't just cut off the -COOCH3 and expect the molecule to still have the same effect. But that might actually not the main problem. The OH in tropine from atropine is alpha, while the one in ecgonine is beta. Pseudotropine would be the tropine analogue of ecgonine, the tropacocaine the name of benzoyl pseudotropine.

Two useful refs: Medline (PMID=2417262) and Medline (PMID=1974643).
(Hive Bee)
08-15-02 17:24
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      Dr_Heckyll is indeed right in this case,  Bookmark   

but since when was coke NOT easily obtainable?

(Hive Bee)
08-15-02 17:52
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      I agree  Bookmark   

If you want to ruin your life with cocaine it's everywhere.
Search a little more you'll find info on convering tropine to psuedotropine in the serious chem forum.