Bubbleplate (Hive Bee)
08-15-02 09:56
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      Steam Distillation of Sassafras Part 3  Bookmark   

SWIM decided to kill two birds with one stone: Set up glassware for steam distillation of Sassafras Root Bark. This time added commercial Sassy Oil (reddish golden stuff) to the dried root bark; 200-250 ml. per 500 gm bark. Steam distillation gave the usual water white Oil.
However, found that adding the oil to bark seemed to "pull" more of the oil from the bark than distillation of the bark alone! Yields are almost 10% oil. (i.e. 230-280 ml oil total)
Also: Steam distilled oil was placed in freezer for 30 minutes, than put back into refrigerator for a few hours. Safrole crystalized immediately. Approx. 95%+ crystallized.

Question for the Bees: Would this oil be pure enough to use in Wacker, or should it still be distilled once more?

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(Hive Addict)
08-15-02 11:54
No 345714
      wouldnt hurt to distil again, but why not just ...  Bookmark   

wouldnt hurt to distil again, but why not just take out a seed crystal, freeze that, allow the rest of the safrole to melt, then get it just close to freezing again, and re-crystalise from the seed.  Seems like that would bee a much more efficient way to go.

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