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08-16-02 02:45
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Since all the old ideas have long since been outlawed, I've decided it's high time to introduce some fresh air (guano?)  into our arid, cooped-up, quite frankly BORING stratosphere.

M&M's candy (i.e., 4-ethoxy-2,5-dimethoxy-am-PEA) has been around for a while now, and it has been outlawed for a while, too.  In fact, I've never even tasted it!

But what about 4-EtO-3-MeO-a(e/m)-PEA and its long lost N-methyl and N-ethyl cousins?

<This message has been brought to you by the Vanillin Bean, Volks!>


An Outline of this Stare Way to Some Where:

O-ethylation of USP vanillin.
Condensation with NO2-n-Pr or NO2-ethane with a little NH4OAc catalyst.
Followed by reduction with Raney Ni (5 cents?) and H2 (g).


Those 2 long lost cousins will of course take more than three steps to find from this outline, but I guess I'll just leave it to PrimoPyro (cleaver?) to 'count' the steps for me!

By The Way...

Was that 3 steps or did I count 'wrong' again, PP?
(Hive Prodigy)
08-16-02 02:59
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I asked in that post not as criticism, but because I was curious if I was missing something. I figured you would reply and I would be like, "Oh, yeah I forgot about that."

And the more I looked at it, the harder it became to search for a fifth step. It was not meant as criticism.

08-16-02 17:50
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In general catalytic hydrogenation doesn't work for nitropropenes (but it does work for nitroethenes).
08-17-02 00:43
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      Lithium Aluminum Hydride  Bookmark   

LiAlH4 still works; does it not?
I wonder if somebody broke it again?
[broken record noises from here to infinity]

A Post Script

Nm said, "West Wind, Fly With Me," not "Ride the Heifer."