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08-16-02 14:52
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      MHRB first extraction experience ... Yield trouble  Bookmark   

Hey There,
A friend of a friend of mine is performing his first extracting experiments whith MHRB. Trouble is he hasnt been very successful yet. He wanders why...
He used Benzine as solvent for both defating and extraction of aquous solution. His first fear is that he threw away his goodies when defeted whith benzine ( he read somewhere that some solvents do that depending on the acid used- in his case a muriatic/whater solution ).
As well he wanders if he did the extracting properly. He poored the benzine, than basified slowly till ph 12 ( very black solution )then shook slowly ( to avoid heavy emulsions ) over 20 minuts, then waited till emultions settled down ( about 2 hrs- he filters a hell of lot his stuff ).After sifoning the benzine and set aside for evap. he ended up whith 1/10 of the expected yield. Does he have to wait longer for the goodies migration ( maybe overnigt )? He`s realy confused over this cause he read several extraction methods and they vary a lot at this point. Is it safe to assume that those 2 days ways metods will yield all right ?
He asked me to ask if any bee have any experience using benzine as a n.p. solv.

Hope any one can help him out...

Keep it hight...
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08-16-02 14:58
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      DON'T POST SOURCES!  Bookmark   

We really need to start doing something about people posting sources.  Never say where you bought anything on this board!

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08-16-02 15:23
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      Im very sory, this was the first time i posted ...  Bookmark   

Im very sory, this was the first time i posted something and I didnt know that was a prob.

Keep it hight
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08-16-02 18:13
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      yes, utfse- its been spelled out very clearly ...  Bookmark   

yes, utfse- its been spelled out very clearly what needs to bee done.  TIME is essential to grab the goods, at least a couple of days each extraction with the benzine.  Swim hopes swiy didnt throw away the basic aqueous layer, beecause that is where all the goods are at.  Make sure to backwash the benzine before evaporating.  Make a weak NaOH/DH2O solution, and wash the benzine with it (after its separated from the basic aq solution, but before you evap).  Those 'washes' dont need to sit, discard the wash water (NaOH water) after swirling, light shaking (emulsions can form here, but not as bad as in other places) and it has totally settled out (~15 minutes).  Swim reccomends 2 or 3 'backwashes' with slightly basic water.  This will wash out excess NaOH (the base, which burns the hell out of your lungs), plus other polar impurities that are still in the solvent after extraction.
Benzine, from what swim has read, is a very good solvent to use for this extraction.  No worries there.
What does swiy's final product look like?  If its too oily/wet- you can:
-reacidify, defat, basify, extract, backwash then evap to bee left with nice white/yellow/'orangeing' crystals.  The yield will go down a bit, but what is left is (more) pure DMT.  This will make doseing much easier and consistant.  Aint nothing like accidentally takeing too much.  Although swim highly reccomends the experiance to anyone who has worked with the stuff for a while.

Read up!
As well he wanders if he did the extracting properly. He poored the benzine, than basified slowly till ph 12

By doing that, swiy is collecting a 'defat' and an extraction together in the same batch of benzene.  This will help contribute to an oily product that wont crystalise.  Swiy wasnt very specific about what steps where taken- exactly.  Swim sure hopes swiy knows that washes, and defats atre to bee discarded, and that one is to use fresh solvent for each step that its called for.  Really gotta do more than just skim over the 'directions', study up!
swiy did extract the acidified bark X3? -I hope.  That extraction as well needs time just like the extraction of the basic solution.

DMT... its good for what ails ya!
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08-17-02 16:08
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      Just a student...  Bookmark   

Thanks a lot for your time,
You are defenitely right: my friend needs more research time, although he read every tread in this site related to the subject, as well as every info avaliable at Rhodium, Erowid and Lycaeum about MHRB extraction and a/b extractions, he`s shure this is just the begin of a very long ride, he would be realy tankfull if you could indicate some more releable sources of info...
In his experiments he did 3 acid extractions ( the first on ph~1 for 24 hs, the second and third he brewed for about 1 hr with the ph~3 ). He wanders if this was good enought...
About the basifying stage, it was only performed after 3 defatings so if any fat was carried in was almost none, cause the final dish had strong smelling pale yellow oil not too harsh on the though ( not very very pure but cool for him... ), but anyway tanks for the good tip ( 80% of the methods in the net tell you to put the solv. before ). As well he`s gona try this backwashing bussines he`s next time.
Good news is he still have the aquous solution and the used plant matter, so he`s just gonna be a little more patient this time whith final extraction. Do you think he should extract more of the plant matter whith the acidified dH2O ?
He`s trying again and I`ll keep you informed...
Thanks again for everybodies time, and I hope in the future can help someone out as you are helping me now

Keep it Hight...
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08-17-02 17:21
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      one more acidic extraction, pH2 or under, for a ...  Bookmark   

one more acidic extraction, pH2 or under, for a solid week, no heat.  Filter that shit too.  When the NP hits the acidified extract, its done to 'defat' correct?  The reason swiy performs a 'defat' is to take fat away.  It migrates into the np layer.  So why would swiy take the dirty NP, and use that to extract the basified extract?  It is a lazy shortcut that leads to oily crystals.  Mark swims words.  Swim doesnt have a referance for swiy, although he assures swiy that somebody he knows has gone through the mill learning, made all the stupid newbee mistakes, and takes his time to post this information beecause he wants swiy, a complete stranger, to have this experiance sooner than later.  All swim can give you is his word, which IS a reliable source of info (at least for this process anyway).  Hes already told you the best source, and thats tfse.  Look for a recent (last few months) link to Qt's method.  If swiy follows it VERBATUM- no shortcuts, just strictly what is outlined, swiy will bee a happy little camper. (provided he has a legitimate source of MHRB) bee careful ordering mimosa from any 3-lettered companies, as rumor has it, a while back- they where passing off MHBARK, and not the root bark, which is what swiys looking for.  Dunno if theyre still doing that...  The straight up bark has goodies, but in small amount- dont bother with it.

DMT... its good for what ails ya!
Just remember to bring back some of the love.

swim loves the Lycaeum and Erowid, but maybee swiy needs to take a look at the dates some of those methods where put out...  The process has been tinkered with, and further refined.  Do what makes ya comfortable tho, -thats the only way your gonna learn anyhow.
08-18-02 06:48
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      QT reliability...  Bookmark   

Ok, My friend is going to do by the long way. His doughts where based on several treads of this site and as well out of DMT world discussion boards, where he read from several users ( and here is the Hive is good cause you can sort of id who`s posting )that QT method worked but was too far complicated and unecessary due to it`s long procedure...
Do you disagree whith them ? Is there anybody else who agrees QT method is the best ?
In my friend experiences he did his defating properly and of course discarded the fat/solv. layer. He read somewhere at QT method that when vineger was been used as acid one should be carefull using DCM or Cloroform for defating as they would colect goodies along whith the fat. Do you think that this could heapen whith Benzine and muriatic acid ?
My friend is curiuos as well over the contents of MHBark, cause out where he lives ( Brazil )its very cheap and easy to buy MHBark ( I mean very very cheap ! )and realy hard and not so cheap the to get the MHRB ( like whith MHBark I pay about 1/30 of MHRB price plus I can buy it everywhere, as it`s popularly used for religious pourposes ). Do you think is valid to use it for extraction in big amounts ?
Again, tks for your time

Keep it Hight...

Ps. My friend allways uses the ufse and it always help him out but he already read every tread that still avaliable on line regarding the subject. Do you Know how to access older info from the hive ?
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08-18-02 13:08
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      >bee careful ordering mimosa from any ...  Bookmark   

>bee careful ordering mimosa from any 3-lettered companies

I ordered mine from the 3-lettered company that Begins with the incorrectly-capitalized letter in this sentence... They are truly righteous. Their stuff is the real deal. I also like their corporate philosophy too, since they believe strongly in the Preservation of the indigenous plants and Cultures of south america...

Were you referring to the 3-lettered company whose owner Just recently Lost his Freedom to sell certain items because some dipshit killed himself by taking too much 2CT7?

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08-18-02 13:30
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      Oops! Swim completely forgot about the company ...  Bookmark   

Oops!  Swim completely forgot about the company which puts out the green pamphlet.  They are EXTREMELY reliable (although sometimes they can bee a little slow).  Sorry, brainfart.  Yes, swim was reffering to the entity that recieved the other 'terrorist attack' on American 'freedom' on 9/11, the company that puts out the white and red pamphlet.

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