gabd (Stranger)
08-17-02 16:50
No 346307
      Nitroethane OTC!  Bookmark   

Swim went to his favorite OTC dealer today. With his order came the regular list of products available. Now SWIM has seen the list before but decides to give it a look in case something changed. Then SWIM sees nitroethane! Is that possible? SWIM share a 5000 km border with a country that schedule it as I or II! SWIM knows someone with a lot of piperonal, so he started dreaming...Please dont wake him up!
08-17-02 23:07
No 346364
      What?  Bookmark   

I was just wondering if it was really possible. I tought it wasn't and was wondering what the guy might say if I ask for some! I dont know about its status here but I think its on list 1 or 2 south of the border. Am i wrong?