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08-18-02 09:22
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I had a dream and in this dream an 11lb 2-3 gallon propane bottle had it's valve removed, it was filled with 2 gallons 26% aqua nh3, it was connected to homemade condensor (spiral, .125" stainless tubing through a 3/4" to 1/4" SS bushing which was connected to a SS T-body with a 1/4" to 1/4" nipple, a 300 PSI SS gauge was installed on the T's 2nd. opening, and a .125" SS compression line adapter which was run about 3' and connected to a stainless ball valve, the other side was run out and through a 4" PVC pipe cap and glued with epoxy putty it was then wound around a 3" PVC pipe to form 2' of 1" spaced spiral which was housed in 4" pipe 2.5' long to form a water jacket, this was covered by a 2nd. 4" PVC pipe cap inlet and outlet h2o fittings were drilled in each cap and epoxied in place this was run uphill so that h20 condensate would drain back to PP-tank, a approx. 2-3 liter aluminum  air/oxygen bottle was rethreaded from it's non-standard CGA threads to 1/2" NPT, a 1/2" to 1/4" SS reducer was epoxied in place due to nh3 seepage and this was run to a 2nd. cuttoff valve to facilitate isolation/ seperation/ transport once filled with condensed NH3, this bottle was supercooled in dry ice/ acetone bath, the PP-tank was heated to 150 deg. F for 2 hours after this time the bottle was 95+% full and exhibited 2 lbs. weight increase and produced 100 PSI vapor pressure at valve during day, & 80 PSI at night ambient temp. ranging from 60-70 F. to 85-95 F., when placed in freezer Vapor Pressure was 38 PSI@30 deg. F.
[/b]Experts out there please answer me what was created in this dream, 80+ % nh3-oh or pure gas which could possibly be used as is for Birch, or could any h20 be absorbed by bubbling through CaCl2 as shown in MR_CLEANS design, is CaCl2, a liquid thin, a thick goo, or a powder, I have some confusion as MR_CLEANS design appears to be a powder, drying tube not a reactive gas bubbler, which absorbs h2o into solution, FEEDBACK PLEASE EXPERTS OUT THERE, in this dream the person used 300-60mg PED, with the grey Li strip and bluing only occured at 10-20 mm radius of Li Strip from Model CR2 Li camera battery, not widely throughout nh3 as he would have presumed, what went wrong here PED was crushed shaken with THF filtered out and added dropwise to nh3 solution, it is pressumed that either H20 or possibly wrong type of battery used, in new dream one would limit NH3,use an excess of Li using energizer AA baterries instead of Cr2 type and attempt to dry and recondense NH3 gas can this ever work or am I dreaming an impossible dream, I feel this should work if MR_CLEANS model really works because NH3-OH is obviously produced at 1st collector, please suggest other dessicant scenarios in detail................................................

08-18-02 13:05
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You should bee using NaOH/KOH as drying agent, CaCl2 forms a complex with NH3frown
08-19-02 07:11
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In this new dream CaO common, White Lime, baked to dehydrate in 300F. oven was used with much turning with spatula. smile