guyincognito (Hive Bee)
08-18-02 23:04
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      A/B Extraction Hcl PH ?  Bookmark   

when an a/b extraction is done at the end of the cyano/amm acetate/methanol method for mda - swim knows to take the ph of the naoh step to 11, but in the previous 10% hcl step, is there a ph one should shoot for to ensure the hcl gets (extracts) all the freebase out?

Is there some other way to make sure one has got all the freebase out ?  (other than a huge amount of 10%hcl)

Also, does anyone know how swim would figure out what % store bought pool cleaner is that says (20-30% hcl)  on the label?

Would it be bad to have a much lower or higher than 10% hcl solution (if swim just assumed it was say 25% and it wasn't)? 
(Hive Addict)
08-19-02 00:24
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      You could measure density to find out the %.  Bookmark   

You could measure density to find out the %.Give a specific gravity of your HCl and i'll post the %

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