Flip (Hive Bee)
08-21-02 11:37
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I was reading through my issue of High Times today and I saw on article on the best and most innovative hydroponic grow kits.  Well this got my mind racing, and i've designed what I think will be perfect for setting up hydroponics in an enclosed indoor location.  I am soooooo ready to put this thing together because I can get all the parts from the hardware store.  I only have one problem.  I don't really see the logic in growing schwag, for which seeds are readily availiable, and the pot that I buy NEVER has seeds in it.  My dealer has offered me 100$ if I bring him a single seed.  The good strains that are worth growing so rarely have any seeds, and I have not been so fortunate to find one, and trust me, I search every bag.

Now in just about every month's publication is an advertisement for a company selling these seeds.  The only problem is the one's I see here will not ship to the u.s.  Are the seeds illegal even though they contain no THC? So let's say i'm lazy and do not want to travel, what are the best ways to go about aquiring seeds in the us of varieties such as white russian, white widow, blueberry, northern lights, etc.  If I can find a strain worth my time, i'm talking about going all out with HID lighting and hydroponics.  I can just imagine it now.............................smile


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(Chef d'Equippe)
08-21-02 11:45
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      I wont name any names, but there are sources ...  Bookmark   

I wont name any names, but there are sources outside the US to the north, that will send seeds to US addy's. A standard Google search will turn up what youre looking for, 400+ strains to choose from.

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(Distinctive Doe)
08-21-02 12:05
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go look here, you will find all your answers

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08-21-02 12:14
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Everyone at OG seems to Rave about Brothers Grimm genetics. And they are good ole USA boys, support the homeland!

Cinderella 99                                               Indoor/Outdoor

This strain may be the "Holy Grail". The result of painstakingly backcrossing a very rare female to her male progeny over 3 generations. This hybrid was specifically bred for indoor cultivation. Short-statured & heavily branched, this plant grows long, dense colas with an extremely high flower/leaf ratio and outrageous resin production. The breeder has observed a "giant leap" in potency with each progressive generation and, as expected, Cinderella 99 has topped all previous results - her high is heavily influenced by Haze; clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive. A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 finishes flowering after a scant 50 days of 12/12! Above-average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aromas can be harvested every other month once a mother plant is selected and asexually propagated.

these guys seem good to go, don't worry about sources
They sponsor Overgrow, so its not like this source is hiding.


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08-21-02 13:11
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Was Great White Shark...I miss growin' weed..

course I don't miss the 6 weeks of TOTAL PARANOIA and piss smell of Ripening weed...

Which is why swim cooks!

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08-22-02 02:59
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The top 2 or 3 seed sellers on OG have great strains & ship to the US (from the UK & BC) 

Try to get Cinderlla 99, G13xHashplant is Da Shit! (aka. Mr. Nice) -- stay away from stright Northern Lights (too flimsy) -- But Northern Lights X BigBud is awesome, and is a very sturdy plant w/a great high & yield... SWIM's Personal Fav. wink

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(Hive Bee)
08-22-02 03:30
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And so I take it then, that this is perfectly legal?

How much of a concern is the shipping of seeds to the DEA?

Also, do most of these providers ship male as well as female strains so you have the option of cross pollinating? 

If so I am likely only to make a small purchase of a couple good strains and work my way up from there.  I wonder if I should bother to set up a mailbox for a small seed purchase (ie 50-100).  I am completely ignorant as to the current heat on seed shipping.  I know that the DEA has set up a few hydroponics shops, and i've heard of a few busts resulting.  I'm not quite sure what the attention on seeds are. If I use your link foxy, would this likely be on the up and up to ship to my home, or should I set up a box or use an alternate addr?



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08-22-02 06:51
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"And so I take it then, that this is perfectly legal?"

Nope its purfectly illegal.
Take the appropriate precautions, sure a bust for seed won't bee a big deal. BUT you'll then bee on the "watch" list and I wouldn't plan on growing any pot if they sieze your seeds.  Find an extremely trusted friend and have them recieve.

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(Chef d'Equippe)
08-22-02 12:47
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      If you live in a state that has 'legalized' ...  Bookmark   

If you live in a state that has 'legalized' medicinal marijuana use, seek out the nearest local Green Cross representative and ask them for some clones so your sick granny can gets to smokin' the KGB.

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(Hive Bee)
08-23-02 05:31
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I have seen a search warrant issued because of the seizure of 1 seed from a garbage can outside of a residential house, and the according search turned up 300 plants, you heard that right -- one seed in the trash.

REMEBER: In the US it is COMPLETELY legal to search through your trash, and use that as evidence against you in order to procure a search warrant . . . SEARS sells a home wood/paper burning furnacewh ich costs $500, which is easy to install and vent, this will allow you to burn all waste which is sensetive, I shred and then burn, but then again I have 3 garbage pails in every room, a blue one, a red one, and a white one, each is for a specific purpose. Sensetive waste, Drug Waste, and Regular Waste.  The sensetive waste is a paper shredder.  I pour black ink over the shredded waste, and then store it until it is time to burn.  At my home location I follow this pretty well, but at some of the places I only visit once a month, I sometimes store the shredded inked paper, and the drug waste admittedly too long -- not a perfect system, but it works.

PS:  Once I had a warehouse and didn't ever trow anything away-- I didn't even pay for garbage service - just stored it all in a room in the office section of the warehouse -- eventually the neighborng warehouse renters asked about why we never threw anything away.  After that I decided that I would have to start producing some waste that was non-sensetive in order to look normal.   At this point in time I did not burn the garbage yet, just trew it into a river somewhere or something -- after shredding ect.  The very last time when we were retiring the warehouse, and throwing away everything, We didn't shred the cover of one magazine someone had brought from home, and it was found aong with 4 sealed 50 gal drums of sensetive waste along the side of the river.  The only ting they could find to track anyhting was that magazine, and the person who's house it was from was arrested, his house searched, and property retained by the police.   This is why I suggest burning it. For godness sake make sure that if you do throw it away that chem waste and paper waste are seperate.  Lessons of life. 



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08-23-02 16:33
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      Indeed a seed ...  Bookmark   

300 plants! In a residential house! I think someone was asking for trouble. How do you vent the smell for 300 plants in a residential neighborhood? You don't! If you don't live in a residential neighborhood, Burn your trash!


PS. SWIM also seperates his trash in a similar manner, although, he would feel a lot safer if he lived outside city limits and could burn the trash.