f0Ul_ (Stranger)
08-22-02 05:12
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is it possible to make DMT or 5-Meo-DMT from 5-OH-dmt?
(Hive Bee)
08-22-02 11:17
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Fro DMT you just need to cleave the hydroxy group from the aromatic ring. Lithium aluminum hydride should do this, though I'm sure there are better ways.

Adding methyl iodide to your 5-OH DMT will give 5-MEO DMT.

I'm sure there are procedures on Rhodium's page (which may need to be adapted), and also somewhere in the depths of TFSE.
08-22-02 22:22
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Sorry Kinetic, both reactions you proposed don't work. LiAlH4 will not cleave and MeI would quaternize the amine. I don't know about a simple procedure for that (maybe diazomethane?).
(Hive Bee)
08-22-02 23:28
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Sorry, I completely forgot about the amine already present... I just 'adapted' the idea for adding a methyl group to the oxygen of a hydroxy benzene/benzaldehyde.

I suggested LAH because it was the first thing that came into my head; at the time I was thinking about aromatic halides, which LAH does cleave.
I promise I will not respond to posts again when I am so tired... 10:17 am, I'd just got up, after an 'interesting' night.
Sorry f0Ul_, I know it's annoying when people make posts like the above (mine I mean!). There will be ways to do this, just not the ones I suggestedblush.
08-23-02 04:42
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theres gotta be a way to swich the hydroxyl with a methoxyl or just remove that one oxygen
(Hive Bee)
08-23-02 13:30
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Hi Guys.

In order to methoxylate the 5-OH you will need to either protect the amine function or you may be able to get away with a NaMeSO4 Methoxylation without protection.

As for quaternizing of the amine when you methoxylate 5-OH, you could - as we all know - de-quaternize afterwards using Ethanolamine. Yields may not be that great, but it is doable.

Where do you get your frogs from?wink
08-24-02 00:10
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08-24-02 17:52
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Post 261108 (PolytheneSam: "Re: psilocin to dmt", Tryptamine Chemistry)

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