Mr_D (Hive Bee)
08-22-02 14:19
No 347821
      How can DMT fumarate be prepared from the freebase  Bookmark   

How can DMT fumarate be prepared from the freebase? How can it be purified?
08-23-02 11:43
No 348177
      Just an idea...  Bookmark   

Maybe you could try to dissolve the base and fumaric acid (HOOC=COOH) in THF (or ether or something else - try some solvents) and mix the solutions. The salt should precipitate (maybe after cooling for a while). Use excess acid to get the acidic 1:1 salt or exactly 0.5 molar equivalents to get the neutral 2:1 salt. Recrystallize from THF or another suitable solvent.
(Hive Bee)
08-23-02 11:47
No 348180
      Thank you.  Bookmark   

Thank you.
(Hive Adickt)
08-24-02 14:07
No 348624
      Ethanol is a good solvent for the fumerats, but ...  Bookmark   

Ethanol is a good solvent for the fumerats, but make the neutral salt, the 1:1 is not as fun to get into the nose :-)
(Hive Bee)
08-24-02 21:31
No 348729
      Forgive my ignorance, but why cant the nuetral ...  Bookmark   

Why cant the nuetral salt be prepared in ethanol?
(Old P2P Cook)
08-24-02 21:46
No 348733
      Misunderstanding.  Bookmark   

Why cant the nuetral salt be prepared in ethanol?
As far as I can tell, hest did not say this. He is just recomending that you do make the neutral salt.
(Hive Bee)
08-24-02 21:56
No 348734
      Oh your right. I missread his post.  Bookmark   

Oh your right. I missread his post.
(Hive Adickt)
08-25-02 03:56
No 348791
      You can make all the salts in ethanol.  Bookmark   

You can make all the salts in ethanol. But the acid one is to burning, this also goes to the amphetamin annalog.
(Hive Bee)
09-02-02 21:56
No 352116
      Just two more question.  Bookmark   

Just two more question. Is the 2:1 salt soluable in ethanol? Was the 2:1 salt used in the New Mexico studies? 

Whether you like it or not, soon you might have a massive DMT flash.
(Hive Bee)
02-26-03 03:23
No 411895
      dmt tartrate  Bookmark   

I might be pushing it here, but I just want people to know that dmt makes a crystalline dry salt with tartaric acid.

I have bioassayed this salt three times with definite effects, I am in no doubt that it works. My swim is working on growing some nice big crystals so everyone can see that it's real.

I know naaaathing.
(Chief Bee)
02-26-03 16:20
No 412088
      Nice, but exactly how?  Bookmark   

Can you post a detailed description of the preparation of the tartrate, with specific amounts, solvents, yield, mp etc?
(Hive Bee)
02-26-03 16:36
No 412092
      SWIM's but a pov ghetto extractionist  Bookmark   

Well, it's like this:

Extract freebase DMT from plant material. Place freebase in scales, weigh (using cheap plastic slide balance with markings to 25mg accuracy), add about the same weight of tartaric acid (possibly slightly less is better), add water and mix until base moves into aqueous acidic solution, then evaporate on a pyrex dish. Crystals produced, if done rapidly with fan assistance, are radial pinwheels, if done slowly - without fan assistance - are hexagonal/needles and tend to grow quite long. SWIM is waiting for a slow crystallisation so adequately large crystals can be imaged.

IV bioassay proves tartrate salts are active. SWIM tried to make neutral salts by neutralising with NaOH but had a lot of trouble getting precisely pH 6, hence a lot of sodium tartrate was in the first run (makes a hot burny head feeling). Second run SWIM is doing without neutralising. If a method for separating dmt tartrate and tartaric acid can be found this will make things a lot easier. Or perhaps a method might be suggested. Sadly SWIM can't measure precise weights and all that jazz, he's too poor to have good scales or glassware. Recrystallisation purification is a definite possible method of resulting in optimal purity. Probably a week or more to do that though. When SWIM has excess he will start playing with more purifications.

Some SWIM with good equipment and pure synthetic dmt might be able to illuminate us on it's physical properties, solubility in water, ethanol and acetone, mp/bp, this stuff would be nice to know. Certainly it appears to be quite readily soluble in water.

oh, the crystals are optically active too, very obvious with rapid evaporation, look a lot like pseudo HCl crystals.

I know naaaathing.