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08-22-02 23:44
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      problem with mcc and honey mix  Bookmark   

swim mixed some mcc, magnesium stearate, tempura paint color (from craft shop) and mda for pressing and it sticks to the die and blurs the pill, swim believes it is due to some oil left over in the mda powder after gassing (the powder had a different consistency - less fluffy), thus making the powder a bit sticky to the dies.

What could swim do ?

1.  put mixture in say? (water?) to dissolve the mda, then extract with dcm and gas again (this time with more washing with dcm of powder)?

2. Somehow dry the mixture (swim tried oven for a couple hours at 225 F - changed colors a bit, but still stuck to die). If its uncrystalized mda oil - how would swim dry it??

3.somehow separate the mda from the mcc, color, magnesium stearate (???) 

4. maybe put something on dies to make the powder stick less (teflon spray??)  Is there a product for non-sticking dies?

any ideas???
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08-23-02 03:55
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      you would have to dissolve the pills in h2o then ...  Bookmark   

you would have to dissolve the pills in h2o then basify with 25% NaOH solution. Then extract with DCM, dry the DCM extracts...distill off the DCM then dissolve the oil back in toluene or acetone...then tritrate or gas.

try using ground up vitamin pills as a binder. They work better.

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08-23-02 04:00
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      Solutions  Bookmark   

1.) Dry your binder premix with dry-rite, or damp-rid
2.) Screen all binders, lubricants, and actives using an 80 mesh screen.
3.)Come on buy fucking FD&C dye, why use paint, FD&C dye is cheap as all hell, it only cost me like $150 for an LB of 3 differnt colors, and it lasts FOREVER, no matter what size of operation.
4.)Although Mg sterate lubricates the sides of the die, it wont lubricate the faces, add Steric Acid it is the lubricant for the faces of the dies.
5.) DO NOT use liquid lubricants on die faces, this just shows a complete lack of research, it WON'T work.
6.) Adding some silica to the mcc will prevent clumping and provide an even flow of the mixture to the dies.

As a side question how much pressure does your press exert?


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09-02-02 21:14
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      Some more tips  Bookmark   

Also try isolating your system from humidity. You can operate it inside a box (glass or plastic) with a temp control. Set it around 25-30C to keep a slightly warm enviroment. It may also help to put a can of that thing you buy to get humidity out off lockers and such, the hygroscopic stuff, you know.

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