SaintCyril (Hive Bee)
08-23-02 03:15
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      Mexican Ketamine  Bookmark   

Any bee have any experience aquiring ketamine from Mexico?

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08-23-02 07:15
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      Motherfucking Bueno  Bookmark   

First of all make sure you know what you are asking for.  Those scamming bastards south of the border would sell you bottled water as ketamine if they knew they could get away with it.  After you obtain the product make sure you know what you have, some pharmacias sell tiletamine/benzodiazepine mixes as ketamine, sometimes in a mix with ketamine, etc.  Tiletamine is supposed to be stronger but the benzo's are supposed to suck.

You should have no problems until you try to cross the border again.  And the prices down south are VERY cheap for bulk.

Also, don't drink the water.tongue


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08-23-02 12:32
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      Pet shops  Bookmark   

Most of the pet shops sell a small glass vile for around 10$. Had no problem finding it.

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08-23-02 21:01
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      Marketing  Bookmark   

If your trying to get big amounts, to sell, etc. (swim is the type of bee that does not believe that selling is wrong, if you think it is wrong, good for you, but don't try to convince swim that it is) remember that the vast majority of consumers don't know jack shit about chemistry.  In fact, they actually prefer certain brands over others.  In the northeast, where swim goes to college, they will pay more for certain colored bottles.  For example, blue or yellow ones are the most expensive.  I think is called Ketalar and Ketaset. Many people will not buy Mexican ketamine even for half price, I think is called Ketalin and comes with a red label?  They say the Mexican is not as good quality and makes them puke or something.  Anyways, just a tip.  Don't buy a ton of stuff that people may not want, research the demand first.  If swiy is not sellin though, then this is irrelevant.
(Hive Bee)
08-23-02 21:37
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      TTOKKYO brand?  Bookmark   

Is the TTOKKYO bran of ketamine one of the lower or higher grade of the ketamine preperations?  From qualatative experience.


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08-24-02 17:09
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      It's probably pretty much all the same once you ...  Bookmark   

It's probably pretty much all the same once you boil off the water to get the powder form, so as to press it into pills.
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08-24-02 22:27
No 348609
      TTOKYO brand sucks.  Bookmark   

TTOKYO brand sucks. 

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08-25-02 01:49
No 348679
      Consider the concentration and volume relative...  Bookmark   

Consider the concentration and volume relative to the cost.
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08-25-02 14:19
No 348804
      You're wrong. Why are you considering how the ...  Bookmark   

You're wrong.  Why arent you considering how the product was stored, the age of it, the methods by which the product was made (impurities)...not to mention there's at least 3 isomers that are all used in pharmaceutical ketamine.  One of those has almost no recreational value at all but is a good anestetic.  TTOKYO is noticeably inferior to ketaset.

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08-26-02 15:28
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      Re: Motherfuking bueno  Bookmark   

First of all Flip I take personnal insult to refer to all the people south of the border as "scamming bastards" as there are many innocent people you involve in your uneducated approach to make a purchase of whatever you are trying to locate.  There are many south of the borders bee's  and feel that there is no place for your ignorant  remarks because of your poor and uneducated approch. Like any other country there is a PDR ( Physician Desk Refrence)  in which all drugs and including over the counter meds are listed as well as the ingredients ie 'formulary. In Mexico its called Formulario, and all pharmacies have them all you need to do is ask and look under  chemical name for what you are looking for.  So as you can see you failed to do research and you reacted out of frustration and laziness and some assumptions.  I feel you need to clear yourself of your error for I know it was this  does not belong in a global community or working
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08-27-02 08:39
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      Ketamine HCL brands may be different.  Bookmark   

swim has cooked up various brands here in australia, with varying results. The manufacturers of two ill use for example are Parnell and Illium - both are 50ml bottles with 100mg/ml of Ketamine HCL. The Parnell converts to 5.5g of ketamine crystals whereas the Illium converts to 7+g, but if both are 100mg/ml and 50ml bottles why are they different?

the Parnell is more pure and is what swim assumes Ketaset is like, whereas the Illium swim assumes has extra preservatives or intentional additives in it so when it is placed over a steam bath it does not turn into nice white crystals, it takes on a wax paste formation that hurts the nose when insufflated and per gram is less pure. something to keep in mind perhaps, although in liquid form they are the same, when converted to powder brands do differ. something to keep in mind..
(Hive Bee)
08-27-02 09:19
No 349557
      Different content of 2x100mg/mL Ketamine Brands.  Bookmark   

Aphexx :

The possibility of preservatives, as you mentioned, is one thing that could have resulted in the different weights you observed from the two different bottles. No idea if they make ketamine soln. saline - one might contain NaCl (?)

Another more likely possibilty, imho, is that they were different salts of ketamine with different molar weights. For example one could have been ketamine hydrochloride and the other diketamine sulfate.

Some Ketamine is definately manufactured as the hydrochloride salt. There are many other salts that could be prepared instead and it's certainly possible some are in distribution. You may find the vials have the precise ketamine salt they contain printed on the label. I think this is the more likely answer because of the sheer difference in weight between your samples - I can't see how a single ketamine vial needs a full 2 grams of preservative, or any other additive. A difference of 2 grams is also not likely to be result of experimental error!

08-28-02 11:13
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      Vetrinarian Clinic  Bookmark   

Go to the vetrinarian clinic..the pharmacies don't carry it or atleast didn't have it when swic asked. from what swic was told and has experienced it goes yellow, red, blue then black label in potency. red and yellow didn't do much from small bumps blue was kick ass and i never had a chance to try black label(it's supposed to be the best) my best advice would be to get the blue label.  it cost swic $35/vial during spring break in Nogales, needless to say i spent the next 2 days in a hole.blush have fun and bee safe.

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08-28-02 15:02
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      brands  Bookmark   

SWIM usually just goes with Ketaset or Ketalar.  These are the most popular w/ college kids and they are well branded.
08-28-02 15:39
No 350079
      Ketamine brands cooking up different weights.  Bookmark   

Anansi: both were Ketamine HCL, and unfortunatly only list that chemical on the label. My hypothesis was that the Illium brand (the one that swim cooked up to 7+g and was a waxy end product) contained an anti-cooking agent of somekind to lessen the chance of abuse. It is perfectly normal in the solution, but when converted to crystals takes on a different, unwanted result. The waxy result swim speaks of is like when you curl pieces of chocolate, it all sticks together and needs to be cut up with a razor blade rather and is a more faint yellow/brown rather than the pure white of the Parnell (cooked under same conditions with the same equiptment).
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08-28-02 16:18
No 350089
      Are you sure you didn't heat it too much?  Bookmark   

Are you sure you didn't heat it too much?
If I were you I wouldn't boil it anyway. You could either freeze-dry it (which will produce an ultra-fine dust), or if that's too complicated I'd dry it under vacuum in a desiccator with an efficient drying agent, which will produce big, pure crystals of the stuff.

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