SaintCyril (Hive Bee)
08-26-02 10:09
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      Lithium polymer batteries  Bookmark   

Found a few boxes of lithium polymer batteries at a cell phone refurbishing plant, bought them for really cheap.  Does it matter if the battery id charged or not for it to work for a birch?

Some random info of lith polymer:
The Lithium Polymer battery relies on thin-film technology, with composite films that are only 100 microns thick.  Itís a solid state battery that can be wound and shaped to suite the application.  It uses a plastic electrolyte. 3M expects that a typical EV battery pack would weigh on the order of 500 pounds (224 kg), which could provide as much as 45 kW-h of energy.  In comparison, EV1ís lead-acid battery pack weighs over 1000 pounds (480 kg) and provides 16 kW-h of energy.  So we have the potential of storing nearly 3 times the energy with half the mass of todayís lead-acid batteries. 


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08-26-02 13:18
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      Used (spent)  Bookmark   

I've ben told used or spent batts are no good.

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08-28-02 11:21
No 350026
      Electrons  Bookmark   

The whole point of the birch is solvated electrons.  Where would the electrons be in a dead battery?

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(Hive Bee)
08-28-02 13:02
No 350050
      No Electons?  Bookmark   

chemistr8 - If you can show me a battery or cell that doesn't contain any electrons I'll be extremely confused!! crazy

All objects that you can pick up and touch are made of atoms, and these atoms have electons associated with them. When a cell is discharging, elecrons can be thought of as 'flowing' from one terminal of the battery, though the load to the other terminal. When the cell is flat it no longer has the potential to support this flow. Nevertheless, it still contains atoms and hence electrons.

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08-28-02 21:51
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      i didn't know that  Bookmark   

i thought molecules could either have too many or too few electrons (ions?).. also, does this valence determine a chemical's solubilities?

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08-28-02 22:38
No 350175
      keyword: redox  Bookmark   

reduction: taking electrons (Li(+) + e- --> Li)
oxidation: giving electrons (Li --> Li(+) + e-)

redox reaction: movement of electrons.

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