Simply_Sexy (Stranger)
08-30-02 20:37
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I recently found a 20L nalgene carboy with spigot on the side of the road, brand new. Was very happy about this find, and put it to good uses right away. Well, I don't know why, but the spigot is like 2 inches from the bottom and if you were to use this carboy as a sep funel you would need to tip it 90* or so for it to be any good.

Then, I broke a 4L glass sep, second one in a few months. I tried to fix it with this glass glue shit. It's kinda fixed.
I started thinkin.. I need a helmet for my daily activities, and someone sportin a helmet should be using plastics, not glass. laugh

Anyone ever see a nalgene sep funel? I haven't, but would really like to.. this carboy just isn't doin it. frown

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(Distinctive Doe)
08-30-02 21:46
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UAFSE and buy one.

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09-04-02 04:36
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i have to agree with foxy; they are not that expensive just buy the damn thing.  you'll waste more time trying to build one.

what smell?  .... he he he
(Hive Bee)
09-04-02 07:32
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Actually, they are very expensive, almost (2/3) as expensive as glass. Good luck finding anything over a 2L!

I would think using a carboy w/spigot to seperate the majority of whatever it is simply_sexy is seperating.. then seperate again using a smaller sep of some sort would be sufficient.

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(Hive Addict)
09-04-02 07:52
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      at auctions u can find big ones  Bookmark   

at auctions u can find big ones

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