ChambeRed (Hive Bee)
08-31-02 22:43
No 351059
      HgCl2 from chem supplier a bad idea  Bookmark   

Swim has been looking for hgcl2 for a couple months without success,but it was right under his nose the whole time from his friendly chem-supplier,Swim has only purchased basic chems like naoh,h2so4 nothing remotely suspicious,is this a good idea?.Swim dosn't want to order the shit if it might be seen as suspicious,it's just not worth it.peace bee's,Chambered

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(Hive Bee)
08-31-02 23:06
No 351071
      Hmmm ...  Bookmark   

Abt. 10 years ago I've gotten HgCl2 from the most restrictive S****-Al***ch company. Today it would be probably more difficult, particulary as an individual. A purchase of this compound is hard to justify. I don't know in which country you're living, but here in Germany the chemical company would raise eyebrow because of its toxicity.
(Hive Bee)
08-31-02 23:48
No 351081
      Ask yourself if you have a good excuse for buying ...  Bookmark   

Ask yourself if you have a good excuse for buying it when they ask you. You could say photography, but then why not buy it from a photography supply company. I have seen several which sell HgCl2. I would say it is probably safer to buy from a photography supply.

The above post is purely fictional. Any resemblance to "real-life" is purely coincidental.
(Hive Bee)
09-01-02 01:13
No 351091
      What in photochemistry is it specifically used ...  Bookmark   

What in photochemistry is it specifically used for?

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(Old P2P Cook)
09-01-02 01:35
No 351093
      Mercuric chloride in photochemistry.  Bookmark

(Hive Bee)
09-01-02 01:59
No 351096
      Fuckin awsome terb!,many thanks bro 8-) .  Bookmark   

Fuckin awsome terb!,many thanks brocool.

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(Hive Addict)
09-01-02 06:46
No 351174
      slide staining  Bookmark   

it's also used for staining tissue samples on microscope slides... you do this for a hobby, right?

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(Hive Addict)
09-03-02 06:43
No 352112
      HG2I2  Bookmark   

Make the iodine salt your self. If you can't do this then you got no buisness going any further

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(Hive Bee)
09-03-02 18:41
No 352288
      preference  Bookmark   

V_L:Swim could and he would if he had to but he would prefer to work with hgcl2,it is out there and swims not impaitiant.Thanks for the thought though.Peace,Chambered.

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