El_Zorro (Hive Bee)
08-31-02 22:44
No 351060
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I've been looking into the bromination of Vanillin, and I really liked the method of in-situ bromine generation.  Namely, uemura's method in Post 297806 (uemura: "How to prepare hydroxyvanillin", Methods Discourse)  But I was thinking of ways to possibly improve upon it.  First off, you have to add 35% H2O2, which is kind of volumetrically ineffiecient.  Could not solid calcium hypochlorite be used as the oxidizing agent?  But unless I am mistaken, the hypochlorite would react with the GAA, and produce Cl2 gas.  So would it work in plain old methanol?  In Post 348265 (slothrop: "Bromination with NaBr and Oxone", Methods Discourse), they mention using oxone in methanol with KBr to brominate, but could calcium hypochlorite be used?  Thoughts?

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