Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
09-03-02 19:49
No 352319
      Nitrostyrene to ketone  Bookmark   

Will Fe/AA turn a nitrostryene (from MeNO2) into a P2P.  If not is there any way to do so other than to make the n-propene from nitroethane.

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(Chief Bee)
09-03-02 20:57
No 352333
      Benzaldehyde -> P2P  Bookmark   

Fe/GAA on a nitrostyrene will create the phenylacetaldehyde, which might not be stable to polymerization under the reaction conditions. No P2P.

Another novel method for going from benzaldehydes to P2P's can be found in Post 333551 (Barium: "benzaldehydes to phenylacetones", Novel Discourse)