jimwig (Stranger)
09-05-02 19:48
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      addendum to locked thread ---- "mercury"  Bookmark   

NOTE: I didn't say "thermometers"


= significant difference
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09-05-02 21:05
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      dont worry about it  Bookmark   

there pretty similar dont worry about it

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09-09-02 12:25
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      The only similarity is that they contain mercury.  Bookmark   

The only similarity is that they contain mercury. Only very few thermometers will contain mercury as thermostats have a shitload and are part of an heat-sensitive electric switch. Look out for thermostats and you'll have more then you'll ever need for far less cost.
09-11-02 01:48
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      u gottit  Bookmark   

u gottit
cranky ole boy!!!

oh yeah they are frequently discarded while still in a working condition. (mercury ampules intact) as opposed to the broken rectal thermometers---- shutter-----shutter.
09-11-02 13:01
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      motion-sensitive or/AND heat sensitive (yes*)  Bookmark   

placebo, you meant motion sensitive yeah bro? smile

note: placebo is'nt my brother, saying this for his benafit! Hehheheh
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09-12-02 07:29
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      No, I mean heat-sensitive, as in air conditioning ...  Bookmark   

No, I mean heat-sensitive, as in air conditioning thermostatd, so that as the temeprature increases the mercury expands touching the two electrodes.
09-14-02 23:02
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to utilize mercury in various formulations and to plan on obtaining it otc from thermo type devices might not be a good plan

reason--- check the various mercury compounds via Merck and you will notice a large percentage of the salts, etc are mercury. that means you gotta hava a butt load of it to fabricate the various compounds in any sort of quantity.

using thermo-whatevers is gonna take a while. so the idea that you will have more than you'll ever need will hinge on how much you need. nano-scale might be feasible but ifn you gonna get off- then maybe not.