Mindflux (Stranger)
09-10-02 04:59
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      Super Solvent - 100% nitromethane?  Bookmark   

I've come across this stuff on the internet.  It is sold as a solvent for cyanoacrylate glues (superglue), in 2oz. bottles, and seems to be used in lapidary. It is listed as 100% nitromethane, but at another shop it is listed as an alcohol/nitroalkanes based solvent. Has anyone had any experience with this stuff, or know the concentration of nitromethane in it?  If it really is 100% nitromethane, it would seem to be a reasonable OTC source for small amounts of nitromethane.
(Hive Bee)
09-10-02 05:30
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You should probably refrain from using brand names in your posts as well as mabey reading the HIVE FAQ.
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09-10-02 05:38
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i thought brand names were ok, ive seen brand names of all sorts of stuff tossed around here... toulene - tulol, etc. I've even seen other brands of nitromethane here, and its not like nitromethane is hard to obtain.  But what do i know, im a new-bee. 

Obvously I wouldn't post a store name or supplier or other "source", and i apologize for this one.
(Hive Addict)
09-10-02 06:17
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      toluene isnt a brand name  Bookmark   

solvents arent relly hard to get so i dont think anybody relly cares much but i doubt many people have bottin that exact brand name anyways its like asking "hey has anybody ever used 'super duper ladies nail polish remover' as a source of acetone?" also 2oz. is a small amount and it would probly be expensive and time-consuming to buy many little bottles of the stuff

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09-10-02 06:34
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      uhhh...  Bookmark   

tulol is a brand name for toulene, and 2oz. is ~50g, which is plenty for doing a lot of kitcheny sort of things.  What do i need a gallon or even a quart of nitromethane for?  Not all of us are making MDMA by the bucket.

Back to the subject, does anyone know if that particular product is 100% nitro or not.  Its a simple question.
(Hive Bee)
09-10-02 14:32
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      Synonym (Not brand name)  Bookmark   

Toluol=Toluene  Xylol=Xylene  These are synonymous terms for one and the same not a brand name Mindflux...
(Hive Bee)
09-10-02 15:34
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toluol and xylol are to toulene and xylene as muriatic is to hydrochloric

these names were developed for the commercial market and are not considered brand names, but generic names

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09-10-02 17:02
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I believe the thread-starter didn't get his question

BTW Flip,it's spelled "semantic" wink


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(Hive Bee)
09-10-02 18:40
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Hey Flip. Did you know that benzene was formerly called benzol and toluene was formerly called toluol? Why the change? Because they aren't alcohols. Their names were not developed for the commercial market. Same goes for muriatic acid, lye, lime, aqua regia etc.
(Hive Addict)
09-10-02 18:59
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Some benzene...

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09-10-02 21:04
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      bad example...  Bookmark   

i guess tulol was a bad example, but its beside the point...