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flavour and fragrance journal 2001 16(2): 113-115
"sarisan from leaves of piper affinis hispidinervum C. DC (long pepper)"
Humberto R. Bizzo, Daíse Lopes, Rodrigo V. Abdala, Flávio A. Pimentel,
João A. de Souza, Marcos V. G. Pereira, Lothar Bergter, Elsie F. Guimarães

abstract: the essential oil obtained from the leaves of piper affinis hispidinervum C. DC
was analysed by GC- MS. sixteen substances were identified, corresponding to 98.9% of the
oil. the major component (74.3%) was sarisan (1-allyl-2-methoxy-4,5-methylenedioxybenzene),
identified by NMR spectroscopy. safrole (18.4%) was also found in the oil.

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